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  • Resolved vitamineg


    oh… my… crappo…

    Its probably relatively easy but i am getting a headache.

    i’ve made it up to the domain mapping portion of the process and i’m stumped…the infamous wall has formed in front of me.

    Is there a goood how-to video out there on mapping? i checked youtube and i can only find foreign language related videos. uuuuuggghhh.


    Andrea…want a Benjamin donation? 20′ on the phone will do me wonders!!!!!

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  • @andrea do you say you succeeded mapping a domain to a shared server via IP if the domain was parked on an external server? How did you accomplish this if you don’t have an own IP? I think a few hoster allow buying an own IP (my hoster doesn’t have this feature). But without an own IP I am always getting the “403 forbidden error” if I enter an IP of a shared server in the A record of an external parked domain.

    I succeeded with domain mapping on a shared Server only if the domain was parked on this server. Here I could redirect the domain to the folder with my wordpress multisite install and could map the domain this way (no IP settings involved).

    (btw I am not a he but a she ;))

    OMG it works !!! I stand corrected. All I had to do was entering a CNAME record for the domain I want to map on my shared server. I entered the domain pointing it at the folder of my multisite installation.

    I found it out by googling about 403, domain mapping and shared ip. Again it was andrea who made the penny drop for me here: Thanks again! 🙂

    Sorry, hard to tell with the avatar (happens to me to and I have a pic! 😀 )

    Anyway! glad you got it sorted. yep, CNAMES work dandy.

    @cinematic – did you change the A record in Godaddy at all?

    and, did you point the godaddy nameserver to your otherhosts shared ip?

    Thanks. 🙂

    @vitamin – you don’t change the nameservers, the A record has priority.

    Thanks for hangin in there with me Andrea.

    i will ONLY changed the A record (see below, copy/paste) nothing cname no notta.

    ARecord @

    I’m working on this today for someone else. :-/

    did you get that figured out? i still get the 403 and being so green, i figured I’ve jacked something up

    primary site hosted on MT:
    add-on site (forbidden error):

    yes, as Andrea suggested I only changed the A-record at godaddy (A Record pointing at the IP of my shared server)

    Now you need to tell your shared server where to send the request to if somebody enters the new domain in the browser. At my ISP I have the option to enter a CNAME record for a domainname pointing it to the root where my multisite installation is (even though the domain is parked with godaddy). So you would need to tell your server where to send requests asking for Something like cname pointing to your multisite install.

    I am afraid every ISP handles such options differently. If it doesn’t work I would ask your ISP about the options you have. Once you have entered the domain information it should work …

    @vitamineg – are you on the grid server or (ss) ? Then you absolutely have to login via a terminal and create a symlink.

    You wrote your multisite is hosted at media temple. Maybe this article helps …

    It should work the same way with your multisite install and godaddy domain

    i made the symlink a couple days ago as suggested… and now gettng the 403.

    i changed the A record on Godaddy which points to my MT account DNS

    Anyway, i really appreciate the both of you…cinematic and andrea.

    I must be missing something and/or not getting the big picture.

    If either of you two want to make an easy $100, email me. If not, i’m off to odesk. 🙂



    Hi Paul, I would really like to help you but I am pretty unexperienced with server configurations and have no idea what symlinks are :). I found my solution by trial and error only. Hope Andrea will jump in. I trust she will know the solution 🙂

    @cinematic – I’m very familiar with domain mappng at MT. 🙂 is the article needed, which was done already.

    i changed the A record on Godaddy which points to my MT account DNS

    Is the main domain you have at MT that one where the network install is?

    If not, that’s probably it.

    I’m alreayd being paid to figure this out for someone else on the (vs) where the process is slightly different.

    Not my favorite host to map domains on. 🙂 is the article needed, which was done already.


    Is the main domain you have at MT that one where the network install is?


    @cinematic: Thanks anyways. 🙂

    When I go to I get a blank white screen. I should see

    is the symlink supposed to point to


    is the symlink supposed to point to

    currently, works fine.

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