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    I have been struggling now for a few hours so I though I might as well post my problem here.

    I have installed WordPress Multi Site and created 4 subsites.

    I used the sub-directories install, as somebody on this forum told me it would work fine for future domain mapping.

    I have my main domain:

    and 4 other domains (not subdomains)

    I installed WordPress MU Domain Mapping but then, I didn’t know what to do on my Hosting.

    Domains and hosting are with the same company.

    The hosting has a fixed IP address, but the IP address is for the whole Hosting, not for my RESTAURANT folder. Do you know what I mean?

    On the Hosting, in the Httpdocs folder, I have different folders (old sites) including the folder where I have my main site installed.

    I tried to direct to the same folder, and to set it up on the Mapping in WordPress, but it didn’t work.

    Does the site need to be at the root of httpdocs?

    The instructions of this plugin are great for “Cpanel” but this host doesn’t use Cpanel…

    If you have any idea let me know!

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  • You should be able to just map the domains by pointing them to the same IP of your server. However, ask your host for details specific to their setup.

    PS: I checked on the Hosting Admin, and it says:
    IP Address type: Shared IP

    Do I have to ask for a dedicated IP?

    Also, I didn’t understand how to use C-Name.

    Does it mean I have to use instead of the IP in the mapping settings?

    Thank you Ipstenu, but if I “park” the domains, I just get a “This domain has been reserved by….” page.

    If I direct the domain to the folder, I have a an error page, whether or not the domain is set up in the Mapping.

    I called the host several times for question and they said the only way to direct the domain to the site was by directing it to the folder…

    My knowledge in this area is not great and I get confused rapidly when the instructions are not clear….

    I am trying now to copy all the files into the root of the hosting, to see if it works better with the IP, but I have doubts…

    @ipstenu, by “pointing them to the same IP of your server.” do you mean A Records? DNS ?

    All domains are on the same server. I checked. When they are “parked” the IP is different. When they are directing to the same folder, they have the same IP.

    I get a page:

    Not Found

    The requested URL /nonexistent/ was not found on this server.

    I think my admin panel is PLESK.

    The standardised instructions included for both WPMU and WP-MS for enabling sub-blogs / sub-sites work fine for cPanel based hosting, but less so for Plesk Panel based hosting, unless you are thoroughly familiar with Plesk’s idiosyncrasies.

    Just found this link:

    I will explore, but it seems very complicated to me, and I don’t know if I’ll ever get this to work….

    Plesk is a bit more complicated than cpanel. I would ask your host, seriously. I ask mine for DNS help all the time.


    Would you mind telling me what I should ask? He didn’t sound to understand what I needed last time…

    Just off the phone with them… they don’t seem to be offering me any help once again…

    “Hi, I want to map, NOT PARK, a second domain on top of my existing one. How do I do that?”

    All right, so it is working now.

    If it can be of an interest for anyone, we simply directed all domains to the same folder onto the server.

    This what I was trying to do at the start, but for a reason, it takes a while to propagate so I had a “404 page” which made me believe it wasn’t working.

    Thank you Ipstenu for your answers.

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