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  • Thank you for your time.

    The Multisite works and the Site blogname has been created.

    I want to change to

    Question 1
    I’m using Subfolder Structure, no Subdomains, do I need to set up a Wildcard?

    I have taken these steps already:

    Settings at Domain Name Registrar
    The Domains are using the hosts DNS:

    Domain Mapping Configuration
    The IP in the field Server IP Address: is the same as the Multisite/Network

    WordPress (Plugin) New Domain Dialog
    Added the corresponding name and ID# of the Blog, Primary Checkbox checked.

    Test 1
    When trying testing the URL http// in a browser, the page doesn’t load (as when entering a nonexistent domain).

    I contacted the host and was told I had to additionally add the domain in their cPanel as an Addon Domain which created a new folder for the Addon Domain.
    This seems illogical to me, is it true that I have to do this? I chose no Redirect when adding the domain in cPanel.

    Test 2
    Now when testing I get a
    Index of /cgi-bin/
    most likely to the newly created folder.

    What am I missing?

    Thank you so much!

    I read through the instructions on how to use the Plugin “WordPress MU Domain Mapping” for a Multisite including the somewhat outdated Ottopress post and the WP Multisite 101 ebook. I’m stuck between asking my host and asking in the WP forums and can’t get it to work.

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  • Tried to add at the beginning that the Plugin I use is “WordPress MU Domain Mapping” but the forum bugs out and doesn’t let me edit my post.

    Ok I found the solution, in case anyone has the same problems:

    1. No, if you use subfolders instead of subdomains you don’t need to create the wildcard.

    2. On the hosts side you have to Park the Domain, not add it as Addon Domain. If your host uses cPanel there should be a Domain Parking option as shown here.

    I am trying to do something like this as well but on an IIS7 server and not using any sort of plug in?
    Is that possible?

    Currently the server is hosting and I also need it to host

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    Not without a plugin, no.

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