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    Is Ipstenu still around? I added domains to dreamhost and the dns doesn’t match my root site dns so I can’t map the domains. Please help!


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  • Which domains? I don’t see any information in your account about new domains (or any tickets about problems, which is going to be faster than posting here, since our guys are all trained on this one now 🙂 )

    I will note that I’ve found that just having them mirror the primary domain works as well as a fully hosted with a changed home directory (if not better).

    the patty and patricia domains.

    i didn’t open tix b/c in the past they told me WP MU wasn’t supported!!

    Ok, thanks. Does mirroring req the DNS match? Will do that in future, as i have 2 more to move.

    thanks again!

    Multisite is not supported in that you can use it but we don’t have experts to help you with it.

    THAT SAID. If you say “I want to map a second domain on top of my existing one.” then THAT is supported 🙂 Which is all you’re trying to do. Just don’t mention Multisite. It distracts pretty much all support folks into thinking it’s a problem in a box, when yours is not 🙂

    Mirroring should force the DNS to match.

    Ummm. Tried mirroring Patty, gave 20min to update, no luck.

    ALso, i’d put in a ticket, but i’m testing this at the moment. In the end I want patty to go to where it’s going now (pre mirror, the current mirror is a rest) but want to know I can map the other 2 domains as soon as i redirect them to dreamhost. – if you did that, it should work.

    And if you remember last time, I ran a refresh on your DNS. You can do this too! Click on edit DNS for the domain, and then press refresh.

    If THAT isn’t working, you should open a ticket since it’s not my area of expertise, but it should pick up the new IP.

    I just ran that on Patty and it’s now pointing to the same IP as Kirk, so I re-ran that on Patricia for you.

    Yeah, I did that. There’s a dropdown for the poss domains, so would be hard to mess that up. (my network is set up w/subdirectories rather than subdomains. I trust this doesn’t matter.)

    Thanks for the refrest–was glad to see patty switched to the root dns, but when i turned off mirroring (as it didn’t work) and tried to full host that way, as i’ve had luck with that, it reverted to prev DNS. 🙁

    Put in help tix. Now have a domain I *really* want to map (greenberg) so hoping this is resolved quickly. I’m stepping away for a few. Time always helps.


    This is my reply:

    Thank you for contacting Dreamhost.

    You may assign any custom DNS records to a domain once it has been added to your hosting plan by visiting Manage Domains: and clicking on DNS under the domain name.

    Note that if you assign your own A record you will want to remove hosting from it by visiting Manage Domains: and clicking on Remove under Web Hosting to remove our A records.

    If you have any other questions just let me know!

    It’s been awhile, but I recall correctly, this doesn’t work. If you have a quick answer, lemme know before I waste time on it. Thanks!

    Yeaaah okay so you have a lot going on in weird ways.

    1) patricia was mirroring grumpy, NOT kirk info. Always mirror the parent domain.

    2) None of those are added to the domain mapping plugin, so they’ll just redirect to the kirk info site when they’re working, which is exactly what Patty is doing now.

    3) greenberg and patty both redirect to kirk info as they’re supposed to.

    Ahh, i see.

    1) Yes, i did that because it was going to kirtinfo already (via full host), so i wouldn’t have been able to see if it had changed. i did think about if that was a prb though. 🙂

    2) Yes, i deleted when didn’t work. in past, mapping doesn’t work if dns doesn’t match so was waiting for mirroring or match.

    3) Excellent. Here goes.

    okay–patty is working as mirror, other two just set to mirror so will hopefully be working right quick!


    (Sorry, but you are always 5000x more helpful than ticket support!)

    Sigh. I’m getting this msg on the mirrored sites:

    Site Temporarily Unavailable
    We apologize for the inconvenience. Please contact the webmaster/ tech support immediately to have them rectify this.

    error id: “bad_httpd_conf”

    DNS didn’t propagate, it seems, and it says I cannot refresh the for ~12 more hrs.

    And THAT is what the ticket is for 🙂

    Tell them that!

    GRRRRRRR. You are definitely faster. 🙂

    If I knew enough DNS to answer that and fix it, I would, but it’s JUST outside what I do daily that I would just be asking someone else to go look into it!

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