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  1. cinematic
    Posted 5 years ago #

    I have installed the domain mapping plugin at my wp3.0 multisite and everything works fine if I map a domain that is hosted with the same hoster.

    Now I want to map a domain that is external hosted at godaddy. I have edited the DNS settings and changed CNAME and A record to point to the IP of my multisite. My multisite, however, doesn't seem to be accessible via IP and I am getting an 304 error (access forbidden).

    Does anybody know how to proceed if the multisite is not accessible via IP?

    Thanks for any tipps!

  2. cinematic
    Posted 5 years ago #

    I just got a message from my hoster that I cannot use my IP address because I am using a shared server with my hosting package. Is there a solution for shared hosting or does external domain mapping only work with an own server?

  3. It's the same process. the IP is used as a reference to the server you are on.

    If you filled in the CNAME with an IP, that's your problem.


  4. cinematic
    Posted 5 years ago #

    Thanks for your reply, Andrea. However, I didn't fill in the CNAME with an IP.

    I have followed all steps of the ottopress tutorial which was very helpful. But I don't have any problems with the settings in my multisite dashboard. My problem are the DNS settings at godaddy to point to the domain of my multisite.

    The domain at godaddy is now pointing to the IP at the Shared Server which results in an 304 error (since the IP is shared with other domains). I cannot leave the IP field empty in godaddys DNS settings. If I enter the IP of my multisite at the shared server it results in the 304 error even though I have also entered the CNAME record with the correct multisite domain name. As mentioned above the IP results in an 304 error because my multisite is on a shared server (but is a necessary entry at godaddy).

  5. You only need to change the A record at godaddy. likely the cname is interfering. alternatively, just use the cname if it's a subdomain.

    i've mapped many domain from godaddy to external hosts many times. ;)

    On the host end, if it's cpanel, you need to use the parking feature to make sure the server handles the request properly and sends it to the wp install.

  6. cinematic
    Posted 5 years ago #

    Thanks Andrea for trying to help me. Unfortunately it still doesn't work when I remove the CNAME entry. The domain is parked.

    I can imagine that your wordpress multiuser is acessible via IP and therefor you could point your godaddy domains to your multisite using the IP address. My IP is on a shared server which means that other domains are using the same IP address. Therefor I am getting the 304 access forbidden error.

    It seems as if domain mapping on shared servers works only if the other domains are hosted on the same server. Then I can redirect them to the multisite.

    Anyway, thanks much for your efforts and time. It's much appreciated.

  7. Yes, I get that you are on a shared server. Domain mapping is possible on a shared server.

    that shared account also need a record for the domain you are trying to map.

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