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  • I am wanting to run my site from
    during the bulding phase it was at the address

    Currently I have another site called, this is the master site on the network.
    I changed the line in wp-config to define( ‘BLOG_ID_CURRENT_SITE’, 3 );…Three being the ID of the This was so that when the users clicked on the register link, would be taken to a websitetest branded page.

    I installed the domain mapping plugin to add the domain to the site and made this the primary.
    All the pages work as expected apart from the wp-signup link, this fails, it seems to be stuck in a loop.
    If I change the define( ‘BLOG_ID_CURRENT_SITE’, 3 ); back to 1 so define( ‘BLOG_ID_CURRENT_SITE’, 1 ); One being the ID of, when the user clicks on wp-signup link from the btl com site, they are taken to the signup on the surpassplatform site.

    If I leave the domain as websitetest, but add, using the domain mapping tool, the site works as expected but the urls are all…not what I want.

    So bascially I am wanting to change the primary site on the wordpress network, change the primary domain on the websitetest site to and direct people to a websitetest/ branded page.

    Oh on IIS as well if that makes any difference

    any help would be much appreciated!


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  • Ouch.

    I would LEAVE as the master domain.

    Then MAP to

    There’s no reason, unless you’re running a type network, to mess with switching ‘main’ domains.

    Think you helped me before…
    but that was when i didn’t have to map the new domain.

    Really want to have the signup btl branded.
    I did try and look at adding the wp-signup to a wordpress page, but didn’t get very far. all the guides I found I couldn’t get to work…

    any ideas?

    Do people need to register at

    i’d like them to regsiter ion a page that is btl branded, so that it is not confusing as BTl is the master brand..

    @ipstenu, would you mind clarifying your comment (my emphasis added):

    There’s no reason, unless you’re running a type network, to mess with switching ‘main’ domains.

    What about running a type network would make it worth the hassle of switching the main domain? Other than sheer #’s of sites and users, is there some other game changer?

    @frisco — The reason rich mentioned 🙂 is branded. It’s the ‘master’ of all it surveys and it should be the parent of everything.

    On the other hand, if you’re running a site for yourself, your friends, and family, it’s less an issue. (You’ll notice I ask ‘why’ a lot, and this is the reason. understanding what your goals are helps us give you better answers.) The reason is ‘intent,’ that’s all.

    @richlondon — I try to dissuade people from doing that because it’s a pain in the ass. I’ve done it, and it was such a hassle, I ended up re-installing everything the ‘right’ way because that was actually easier.


    That is in fact what i will be doing, new server, new install of wordpress and setting up the network the way i want it.

    a delay to the launch of the site but its for the best.

    thanks for your help!

    @ipstenu – Ok, it appears I misinterpreted your comment. I’d guess that in a mormal MS install, or otherwise, the “master of all it surveys” is the primary domain, and I gather that’s what you are saying is appropriate for a type network. I was mis-reading your comment to mean that in a network, the main site in the network should not be the main domain. When I saw your comment, I realized that users on a new site automatically get added to the main site, and I was theorizing that this could slow the main site down so in such installs it would be worth the trouble of deviating from the norm. Twisted logic just shows I have self-recognized frailties. 🙂

    @frisco — Yeah, it’s a confusing concept 🙂 You and I are on the same page now.

    When I saw your comment, I realized that users on a new site automatically get added to the main site

    Actually they don’t. Users get added to the NETWORK. But unless you code it in (there’s a plugin for it) they don’t get added to any sites.


    You’re right about being added to the network, not the main site. I wasn’t thinking of the full environment when I made that general comment. Here’s the background

    I have a MS install. I have a lovely form that creates a new site using the Gravity Forms user registration addon. But it is run from the main site, and while it is adding a new site as an option, it is registering the new user for the main site. That gave rise to my erroneous statement earlier. But that makes me think of seeing if there is a way to turn off this default behavior – ie, create the site but do not register the user on the main site. Thinking out loud, I suppose I could use a plugin like Members and give new users some odd role on the main site (other than a standard WP role), then periodically delete them using MySQL.

    Of course, none of that mattered to me until I mis-read your comment. Funny what causes the “to do” list to grow.

    I think I know what you mean…I had the same issue. People regsitering on one site but not having access to the other site.

    I use this plugin:

    which in the netywork admin section i can set which role the new user gains for each site on the network.
    I have user a user role editor to create some custom roles for my site as well, which i can then give specific capabilities.

    Don’t know if that is what you want….


    That’s the best plugin for the job 😀

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