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  • I have a bunch of domains that I am looking to map together using WordPress MU. I have gone through the installation process for MU and can see a “my sites” and admin tab. Currently, when I try to go to “Domain Mapping: Domains” and add any of my other domains, nothing happens. No warming, nothing. I’ve set up my names servers to be the same as my main MU website and I’m pretty sure I correctly set up the A Name. I’m using netfirms and (Host: is pointing to the correct IP. And A is pointing to the correct IP. mx is not, should it be?)

    Although it may be related, if I put the domain_mapping.php file in mu-plugins, the entire website goes “white” and I have to remove or rename the file in my ftp to have any access to my website.

    Any help would be appreciated!

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  • If you’re using this:

    Make sure to grab version

    Yup, I’m using the plugin ipstenu suggested. What should I see in the “Domains” tab?

    Right now I see this:

    Domain Mapping: Domains
    Search Domains

    New Domain
    Site ID

    And plugging in the domains I want to link into any of the fields doesn’t do anything. Once I plugged in another domain and it went to another page that said “Are you sure you want to do this” but there wasn’t any follow up button, and when I refreshed the page, nothing seemed to happen.

    What should I see in the “Domains” tab?

    This is what it should look like:

    skibybadoowap – Are you using the right VERSION of teh plugin? This is important 😉

    Ipstenu, the “read me” file has this information:

    === WordPress MU Domain Mapping ===
    Contributors: donncha, wpmuguru, automattic
    Tags: wordpressmu, domain-mapping, multisite
    Tested up to: 3.3
    Stable tag:
    Requires at least: 2.9.2

    It was downloaded through wordpress yesterday.

    If I have the right version, are there any other items that would provide these issues? Is there something I’m missing?

    Thanks George, mine looks like that, although it doesn’t have any websites under the “save” button. That space is blank.

    Is putting domain_mapping.php into the mu-plugins required? As stated before, when I do that the entire website turns “blank”, including the admin and I have to go into the ftp to manually rename the directory for everything to work again.

    Thanks George, mine looks like that, although it doesn’t have any websites under the “save” button. That space is blank.

    Likely becuase you haven’t mapped anything 😉

    Is putting domain_mapping.php into the mu-plugins required?

    No, just use Network Activate if you keep the plugin in /plugins/.

    Perhaps it’s something to do with the DNS? Here is now I have my DNS setup: OtherIP is an ip that the register originally placed. MainIP is the same IP as the website with the MU admin. My Name servers are all pointing to the same host. – MainIP
    A – MainIP
    mx – OtherIP
    mx – OtherIP
    mx – OtherIP
    mail – OtherIP
    pop – OtherIP
    imap – OtherIP
    * – OtherIP
    smtp – OtherIP
    ftp – OtherIP
    popmail – OtherIP
    email – OtherIP
    webmail – OtherIP

    Does all of this look right?

    Apparently I have been foolish and didn’t insert a Site ID for each new website. I’ve done that now, and I have mapped all my websites, but they are not showing up in the “Sites” tab. I assume the DNS takes a while to change over? Is there anything else I need to setup?

    DNS *shouldn’t* have anything to do with that (ie mapped domain names appearing under “Sites”). If there’s problem with your DNS setup, the pages simply wont load, but the proper info should appear in WordPress.

    Note that you can also do the domain mapping from the individual sites / blogs, rather than the network dashboard. Try that and see if it makes any difference (Tools => Domain Mapping)

    DNS can take up to 72 hours, depending on what you set your TTL to.

    That said, they should show up right away in Sites…

    I have a dozen domains each with different site IDs on the “Domain Mapping: Domains” but none of them are showing up on sites. Is this a DNS problem, or an install problem?

    Under the “sites” tab, when I click on new site, I get this option:

    Add New Site
    Site Address

    Only the characters a-z and 0-9 recommended.
    Site Title
    Admin Email
    A new user will be created if the above email address is not in the database.
    The username and password will be mailed to this email address.

    But I’m not able to add any full domain, just subdomains, is this functioning correctly?


    1) Add a subdomain to your site
    2) MAP to via the plugin

    Are you doing that?

    Here’s the long-winded version of what Ipstenu succinctly said in just two lines.

    You appear to be solving two problems at the same time, and that makes it difficult to know exactly what is working and what is not.

    First forget about domain mapping (just for now). From the preceding, I assume you have a sub-domain setup. From WordPress, create a new sub-domain site (if you haven’t done so already).

    Does the sub-domain site you created above work? Are you able to access both the front-end and the WordPress dashboard for this site? If not, you have a problem with your DNS or Apache setup. Get this fixed before you move on.

    If the sub-domain site works fine, now is the time to MAP a new domain onto the EXISTING sub-domain site (it’s called domain MAPPING plugin for a reason). Login to the dashboard for the sub-domain site, and go to Tools => Domain Mapping, and enter the new domain that you want to map unto this sub-domain.

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