[resolved] Domain Mapping 403 Error without 'www' (2 posts)

  1. w1nk5
    Posted 2 years ago #

    Website: http://www.editingcamp.com

    We have setup the A record for the domain to point to our server's IP address.

    I have 2 entries in the Domain Mapping settings:

    1. Domain: www(dot)editingcamp.com Primary: yes
    2. Domain: editingcamp.com Primary: no

    Everything works fine for www(dot)editingcamp.com, however I receive a 403 error at editingcamp.com.

    I have attempted adding VirtualHost entry for the server name www(dot)editingcamp.com with the alias editingcamp.com and I also attempted adding a rewrite rule to redirect editingcamp.com to http://www.editingcamp.com. Neither worked.

    Any ideas? :)

  2. I think it's obvious that if editingcamp.com is a 403, then a redirect sending www to it wont ever work ;)

    That aside, it's likely your vhosts OR your DNS that are goofed, since the 403 is not a WP error but your server saying "editingcamp.com? I know this not!"

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