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  1. redcore
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Sorry, I hate to ask questions when I think they've been answered, but I've been Googling and searching around for a good while and I can't get this figured out.

    I installed WordPress 3.6 and enabled Multisite, then installed the WordPress MU Domain Mapping plugin. I have it set up for subfolder accounts. This is for shinytype.com.

    Added a new account: "shinytype.com/moneymasterymama"
    Mapped the domain "moneymasterymama.com" as the primary for this account.

    "shinytype.com/moneymasterymama" forwards as it should, but "moneymasterymama.com" doesn't show the blog, just your typical host landing page. It's set to my host nameservers - I had it forwarding before, so I know the domain is properly configured, I'm just thinking that something is not done right on the host configuration to get "moneymasterymama.com" to show the blog. I'm not sure how I should be configuring this. I'm using Hostgator's cPanel. If I have to do an addon domain, I'm not sure what directory to point it to?

    Thanks so much you guys!

  2. redcore
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Hah, well it just started working - I literally did nothing (wasn't working at the time). I did add a parked domain (with no redirection set up) when I was first tinkering it (before I asked the question) ... maybe it was just cached or something, I don't know. Oh well, it's working so that's the positive. Thanks anyways :P

  3. Parked domain makes this work so much easier than add-on domain.

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