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  1. drwonoski
    Posted 3 years ago #

    My current server is through Bluehost with a registered domain of heartandsoilmusic.com

    The domain i'm using for my website is edmunited.net (registered through GoDaddy) which points to heartandsoilmusic.com/edmu (the location of my wordpress install)

    Whenever i go to http://www.edmunited.net and click a menu item it redirects the browser to heartandsoilmusic.com/edmu/page-slug/

    I want to be able to have it be http://www.edmunited.net/page-slug/ so my users don't see heartandsoilmusic.com at all. Is this possible through the admin panel? I know I can mask it so my users always see http://www.edmunited.net but they still see the http://www.heartandsoilmusic.com/edmu/whatever in the status bar

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