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  1. wallisp1
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    Hi there,
    I use 1and1 and they don't support wildcard subdomains so I will need to use subfolders. Can I redirect a subdomain of the mainsite using domain forwarding (for example) to access any blog directly?

    Given a blog named 'blog1' running on site 'mainsite.com', the blog is accessed as 'mainsite.com\blog1'. From my limited experience of multisite the subfolders are virtual folders handled by WP, so there is no real '\example' subfolder.

    Can I forward the subdomain 'blog1.mainsite.com' to access 'mainsite.com\blog1' etc. directly? I have had a look at the MU mapping plugin but I don't understand if that is what it handles.


  2. Actually, just becuase you can't have wildcard subdomains doesn't mean you can't have subdomains.

    Go ahead and install WP in mainsite.com and set it up for subdomains.

    When you have a new subdomain, just manually create it on your 1and1 control panel and point it where mainsite.com is installed :)

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