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  • No, self-hosted WordPress sites only work if you have them hosted someplace. The login information and your account on this forum has nothing to do with your site. And unless you have a site set up on WordPress.COM, they don’t have anything to do with your site either.

    I’m not talking about the logging in for this forum. He said to come here to figure out what to do. I want to access my blog again… but I can’t/ don’t know how to.. because the domain is gone.

    Are you saying I can’t login again? I wanted to just have a wordpress w/o paying for hosting. I thought I can do that now bcuz the hosting I was paying for expired.

    I wanted to just have a wordpress w/o paying for hosting

    You can set up a free blog/site at WordPress.COM . You won’t be able to use your domain unless you register it again and pay for the upgrade on WordPress.COM for domain name.

    Do you have a copy of your site (files and database)? Or do you want to start over again?

    The domain hasn’t expired, it still points to an IP address. What has obviously expired is the hosting, as a clearly shows the domain is “parked”.

    To answer your question. No, you can’t login to WP, because the domain is not hosted.

    OOOH ok. Well, I want to get the content back. I believe the files are on the Godaddy database. Is there a way to transfer that? Or am I too late?

    I’ll have to register an account on & go from there? yes?

    & Idk if I want the domain name back right now.

    You’ll have to ask GoDaddy. This may be helpful:

    OK. Thank you much

    I had my wp site hosted at hostgator. My domain expired and I did not know it because I had a family emergency. No one can tell me what happened to my blog content that I worked so hard on. Can someone help me please.

    Your domain has expired, yet there should still be a website. With no domain though, it won’t resolve to the domain name. DEpends how long ago it expired.

    Have you contacted hostgator at all ? What did they say. Surely they have a full backup of your website.

    i am in the same boat, my domain recently expired and so i cant access my blog since it is not hosted.

    I had barely started work on the website so i dont mind starting again from scratch, but i dont like leaving loose ends.

    now that my website is un-viewable and no longer hosted, does that also mean that the wordpress data e.t.c has been removed for that site?



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    Try asking your hosts. has absolutely no connection with any sites that uses WordPress.

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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