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  • Hi.

    I’m a bit confused here. I bought a domain, and I’m on My host is 000webhost.

    I’m lost on what name servers to use. Do I use WordPress’s name servers? (, NS2, NS3) or 000webhost’s (, dns2). My domain holder is if that matters.


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  • If you want your blog to be displayed on your owen domain – you use your host’s nameservers.

    It’s a different matter if you have a wordpress.COM blog and you want to deal with that… but in that case go to their forum!


    And I’ve been using the 000webhost name servers for over 40 hours now, but my domain doesn’t lead to my blog.

    When you purchased web hosting, you should have received a welcoming email that had information about your web host’s name servers, how to set up email, yada yada yada. Find that; and then go to your domain registrar (goddaddy) and change the namservers there. They tell you it takes between 24-72 hours for the domain to resolve, but I have generally found it takes around 24-36 hours, tops, usually more quickly (5-6 hours), depending on where you are in connection with your web host’s servers.

    … and the settings of your ISP’s caching nameservers…

    Corey, if you haven’t rebooted your PC in a while and you’re using windows, lauch yourself a command prompt and type:

    ipconfig /flushdns

    this will clear your computer’s DNS cache, and force it to pull a new IP for the domain you’ve likely been refreshing for the past 40 hours straight.

    If you still can’t pull it up, consider posting the domain here so one of us can check it for you. It could just be that your ISP’s nameservers are set to cache for an unusually long time (which happens with some ISPs that have overworked DNS servers)

    reading back here… I wonder, did you actually tell your webhost that you’re getting a domain? – your website needs to be told to react to the domain, and you can do that via your hosting control panel, or by contacting your host.

    If you did that prior to grabbing a domain from godaddy, then fine, but if not, then you will want to do that ASAP.

    Yeah I changed the domain from to

    I found out I had and and my friend told me it was and

    I’ll wait a while and try that. Thanks for the help everyone 😉

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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