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Domain Change and Redirect

  • I’ve been reading the forums for a while trying to figure out exactly how to approach the changing of my domain.

    My site and wordpress directory currently sit on SiteA.com and SiteB.com redirects to SiteA.com. I want to switch the two domains so everything lives on SiteB.com and SiteA.com redirects. I know how to make the change with my webhost provider, but didn’t know which order I should switch everything in.

    Is it as simple as changing the WordPress Address and Blog Address fields within the General Settings of WordPress, then doing the domain changing on my webhost’s side?

    Also, once I get everything switched correctly, what’s the easiest way to all of my existing urls redrect (ex. SiteA.com/2010/04/PostA redirects to SiteB.com/2010/04/PostA)?

    Any help would be great!

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