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  • Hello, Three years ago I set up a site and never really got it off the ground. I now think that .org site is better for me.

    I have a domain and am paying yearly about 35 dollars that I assume is for hosting. I can’t seem to figure out how to attch. a screen cap so I’ll had the info manually below.

    Like others, my question is about changing from .com to .org As I’m not completely confident with all the terminology used, I don’t know if I can stay with the current host (which I assume I purchased through or if it needs to change to a new host when I move to .org.
    Quite lost at the moment. Not sure what I’ve bought, or what to do next. I have yet to start a .org site as I don’t want to have to start over if I screw it up with domain and hosting issues. Clear as mud I’m sure. Any help in the right direction would be appreciated. This is what I’ve purchased (three years ago) Is it the right thing?

    Domain Mapping C$17.00
    Domain Registration C$7.00
    Private Registration C$10.00
    Total C$34.00

    WEB HOSTING Provider is “Automattic”
    Name Servers
    I. P. Address
    Thanks, Michael Bennett

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  • The $35 a year you have been paying is for registering the domain name. This registration can be used if you keep or move your hosting. Yes it is the right thing.

    You have been using = automattic for hosting (free).

    This support site does not offer and is unable to assist with

    Why do you think that you need ?

    If you do change to using you will need to buy website hosting, available from any number of providers, I think you get what you pay for, technical support is an important consideration.

    Why do you think that you need ?

    I guess because I’ve been reading online articles that seem to imply that .org is easier to use and has more options for layout and plugins etc. Also, I’m not a fan of the adds that .com puts on the website. Perhaps you are right. My website needs are very simple. What do you feel is the main difference between the two platforms…

    Were you implying that the free hosting from .com is not up to scratch and that I would be better off with .org and purchasing hosting?


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    Please appreciate that I have had limited experience with, the difference is that the choice of themes and plugins is limited. How much this matters to you depends upon how well they match your needs and how demanding you are.

    I did not intend to disparage free hosting. Rather I was attempting to concisely inform how you may asses the myriad of hosting offers in the market.

    My advice is that you stay with until you know why you want to change.

    I was a bit worried that using the word “implying” might come across as negative. It wasn’t meant that way at all. I just wasn’t sure if you meant there were issues with the free hosting at .com. Your response has been very helpful. I think you are right, I’m over thinking things and should just stay with until I find that it’s not meeting my needs. So much easier than trying to move everything to a new platform. Thank you for your time. You’ve saved me a lot of stress!

    Thanks again,

    Michael B

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