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    Hello, the plugin has a conflict with Dokan when trying to connect with Stripe. I get this error: Cannot declare class Stripe\Stripe, because the name is already in use…the path leads to your plugin: give>vendor>stripe>stripe-php>lib>stripe.php line 10

    Using the advanced Stripe options for SDK Compatiblity doesn’t fix the issue and Dokan Stripe will not work if Give is connected to a Stripe account. Is there any guidance to fix this? Thank you.

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    Hi @shemakeswebsites,

    Here’s a bit of backstory so that you can understand how to safely update and confirm that this issue is fixed:

    The cause of this issue is that WordPress itself does not have any sort of “dependency management” which would allow third-party plugin and theme authors to mitigate these sorts of conflicts. So when two plugins call different versions of the Stripe SDK (Software Development Kit) it can cause a fatal error that brings the site down.

    We have no way of knowing how all other plugins and themes integrating with Stripe go about that. In version 2.5.0 of GiveWP, we rolled to a new version of the SDK, and it broke when used alongside other plugins still using the old SDK called in the same way.

    In version 2.5.4, we changed _how_ those dependencies are called, and added two options for methods of calling the SDK. In our testing, it resolves the issue for the vast majority of users, but again, we can’t anticipate all potential methods of calling the SDK.

    We recommend testing on a staging environment to make sure that things go as planned before updating on the live site.

    Also, always have a way to roll back to the previous version before clicking update.

    Update to the latest version of GiveWP, and then check to see if the error persists. If it does, you’ll need to select a different method of calling the SDK, at Donations > Settings > Advanced > Stripe. This will require deactivating the other solution that uses Stripe temporarily, and then changing the setting, and then reactivating the other solution.

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    Nothing worked. I cannot have Give Stripe enabled when using Dokan connect. This is really unfortunate. How would one go about fixing this? Thank you.

    Plugin Support Matheus Martins


    Hi @shemakeswebsites,

    In order to sort this out, we’d need to be able to isolate the issue with a copy of the Dokan plugin, because as far as we know, it should not be conflicting. Can you pinpoint what part of the software is causing this issue, like a script or something like this?

    Also, can you share your site URL, so we can take a look at it?

    Looking forward to helping you get to the bottom of this!

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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