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    I am a dokan user, in dokan you can set shipping to vendor or to admin. Mainly i want to offer the possibility to vendor to choose ( so all shipping cost goes to vendors )

    Flat rate shipping
    Free delivery
    and i want to add : ( to add it is not a problem )

    ADMIN delivery service —> fees must go to admin and not to vendor.
    so any idea how to get Admin delivery service fees in my earning and not to vendors ?

    ‘name’ => ‘shipping_fee_recipient’,
    ‘label’ => __( ‘Shipping Fee Recipient’, ‘dokan-lite’ ),
    ‘desc’ => __( ‘Who will be receiving the Shipping fees’, ‘dokan-lite’ ),
    ‘type’ => ‘select’,
    ‘options’ => array( ‘seller’ => __( ‘Vendor’, ‘dokan-lite’ ), ‘admin’ => __( ‘Admin’, ‘dokan-lite’ ) ),
    ‘default’ => ‘seller’
    ), `
    –> this is the function when i can choose admin or vendor “function file in dokan”

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  • Plugin Support Rashed Ripon


    Hello @atmanbaba ,

    Thanks for reaching out.

    Unfortunately I did not get your query properly. The feature you mention does allow you to select either admin or vendor to get the shipping fees. If you select admin then you will see that the shipping cost is added with admin earnings as well.

    If you meant anything else please explain the scenario further so that I can help you.

    Thank you.

    Thread Starter atmanbaba


    Hi Thanks for your answer.

    Yes i know in dokan you have two options.

    1.shipping earning to Vendor –> Yes
    –> in my case ! My vendors can set and earn their shipping

    2. shipping earning to Admin -> no

    Vendor : – Free shipping – pickup – Flat rate shipping

    I added a fourth options :
    XSHIP COMPANY* fake name –> delivery services
    Then vendors can choose the XSHIP option in shipping settings,

    with woocommerce conditional :
    if XSHIP delivery –> flat Rate of $

    XSHIP is not the vendor–> that earning should be separated and go to admin.

    You can imagine ” Sent by amazon ” –> money of shipping goes to amazon not to the vendor.

    is it possible ?

    Plugin Support Rashed Ripon


    Hello @atmanbaba ,

    Thanks for explaining. By default we have no such functionality that can support this. However as Dokan uses most of WooCommerce shipping mechanism you should be able to do this customization.

    You should take a look at this file – dokan-lite\includes\Admin\Settings.php at line #335 you should change the value of the “shipping_fee_recipient ” based on your condition.


    Hi @rur165

    Another question about this issue: Is there a way to add the shipping fee to the product price so that the administrator’s commission inserts on the total payment amount?

    Thak you.


    Hello, I would like to know if client still gets details of the address of the client if shipping is handled by admin. And also if when admin handles delivery he can set the cost himself and how does he do it. Thanks.

    Plugin Support Rashed Ripon


    Hello @seraphin83 ,

    Thanks for asking.

    1. The billing address is still shared with the vendor with the order details. If you want to remove them from the emails sent then you have to do some customization. If required let me know.

    2. If admin handles all delivery then he just has to set up the shipping in his WooCommerce > Settings > Shipping area. He also need to select “Admin” as the shipping fee recipient on Dokan > Settings > Selling options.

    Let me know if you have more questions.

    Thank you.



    i my dokan shipping i want the admin to handle all local shipping (i.e within the country) while shipping from outside the country is handled by vendor how ca i configure this

    Plugin Support Rashed Ripon


    Hello @oyerinde1234 ,

    You have to set the WC zones to be like these –

    1. Zone created within your country will not have the vendor shipping method.
    2. Zone created for outside country will have vendor shipping method.

    As vendor shipping is a paid feature please contact through our support for proper help. We are unable to discuss paid features in this forum.

    Thank you 🙂

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