• I’ve followed the documentation to the letter. Everything setup correctly in the Plug-In parameters. The FastSpring popup-store front tested good on FastSpring’s website but when I tried to “add FastSpring blocks” (via WordPress) to my page, I would just get an error with unable to preview. I would not see ANY of the parameters displayed in their documentation (like product) so it seems to me the plugin/block process is not working or something else is stopping it from working?

    It seems to be a problem with the FastSpring Plug-In and I was able to confirm that by disabling the FS PlugIn. Once disabled, I used the method of adding FastSpring Script snippets to my page head and then using data-fsc-action and data-fsc-item-path-value in HTML code and that worked! So it’s clearly a problem with this FastSpring Plug-In.

    I tried contacting FastSpring support and it’s now 7 days later with ZERO response. Very disappointed with FastSpring support.

    Rob A.
    Sim Horizon LLC

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