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  • I couldn’t get this to work on my website I added the WP Goosgle Search menu item to my Twenty Sixteen sidebar. However, when I did a search, the search result said that it couldn’t find the page.

    The plugin had other problems. I am having layout issues with the Google search field and buttons. This plugin was no help with that problem. In addition, the plugin does not include any thumbnails.

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  • Plugin Author WebshopLogic


    Hi MJ!

    Thank you for your review.

    Can we help you to solve the problem that you experienced on your site?

    Search results are generated by Google, so some problem may be on your Google settings. Have you checked, that search results of your site are displayed on site?

    You can find more information about setting here:

    The actual theme can modify the layout of Google search field and buttons, so sometimes minor css adjustments are needed to fit Google Search elements design to your theme.
    If you ask, we can help you in it.

    Best Regards,
    Peter Rath

    Thx for your reply. try searching for “British” at and you’ll see the formatting problem I’m having with WP twenty sixteen. Your plugin could not fix it.

    Plugin Author WebshopLogic


    Hi MJ!

    We have made a test, and inserted Google CSE code into the Twenty Sixteen Theme without using our plugin, according to this description:

    We have got exactly the same result with the thumbnails, so the thumbnails and the text was at the same place. So the problem is exists even if you do not use our plugin.

    So this problem is independent on this plugin, this is a specific compatibility problem of Twenty Sixteen Theme and Google CSE content. I suppose you to report it to WordPress developer team.

    However you can fix this problem easily on your site, by applying the following css code (for example using Custom CSS Manager plugin):

    .gsc-table-cell-thumbnail, .gsc-thumbnail {
      width: 80px;

    The following article also says: “You may end up with some styling issues with the form depending on your theme.”:

    Furthermore you or your site designer can apply other css settings to make the look and feel of search box even better on Twenty Sixteen.

    I hope this information is helpful.

    If you agree, please modify your review score, because the problem was a compatibility problem between Twenty Sixteen Theme and Google CSE, thus it was not caused by this plugin, and we have suggested a specific solution for the problem.

    Peter Rath

    Hello Peter of WebShopLogic,
    Thank you for working to figure out the problem. I have a WP consultant working on fixing it on my website, and maybe he will arrive at the same fix.

    I didn’t realize review ratings were that important. Unfortunately, it looks like I cannot change it. My main reason for the review was to save WP users from trying something that would not work. Isn’t my post title still correct, regardless of whether the root cause is the theme or your plugin?

    I couldn’t figure out how to report a bug to the WP team, but wouldn’t you have more influence as a Plugin developer? I’m just a WP user, and I don’t know CSS, so I could not even explain the issue. So it would be nice if you could report the problem and being instrumental in getting it fixed in the theme!

    Thanks for your help,
    -mj Lee

    Plugin Author WebshopLogic


    Hello Lee,

    Of course I can report this problem to WordPress developers.

    Review ratings can be changed for a limited time (maybe since the topic is not closed) by moving the mouse cursor over your first post, and on the bottom right corner of it the EDIT link is displayed. You can click on it, and then choose the appropriate number of stars.
    If the EDIT link does not appear, then this can not be modified anymore.

    I hope your WP Consultant can solve it, if you still have any question, do not hesitate to contact us.


    Hi Peter,
    The WP consultant from wpriders did fix my problem, creating a plugin for me with slightly different CSS code.

    There is no EDIT link on the original post, so I cannot change the review rating. I’m sorry about that but thank you for investigating the problem.
    Best wishes,
    -mj lee

    Plugin Author WebshopLogic


    Hi Lee,

    Ok, thank you for the feedback.

    Best wishes to you too,

    @prmyapps Hi there MJ,

    You are reporting a problem that was not caused by the actual plugin which is misleading for the plugin author who has found the issue in the theme.

    You said

    “Isn’t my post title still correct, regardless of whether the root cause is the theme or your plugin?”

    It would have been better to have titled your review something like “Formatting problem I’m having with WP twenty sixteen”. Understand you didn’t know that at the time and may not be able to edit the rating or the title now but…

    It is important to know if an issue is caused by a plugin or something else and I understand you don’t know about styling or CSS but you have penalised a plugin author who has gone above and beyond to help you and it is not the plugin at fault. These support ratings and queries are best when they enable plugin / theme authors to improve their code.

    Knowing what the root cause is significant. It is not a “regardless” thing. Knowing the difference helps everyone make better plugins and stops people wasting time looking in the wrong places.

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