• It’s either that he instructions are foggy or it really actually doesn’t work with W3 Total Cache s claimed. Even though I change the “Minify mode” from “Auto” to “Manual” the first served page after Purge (whether mobile or laptop) is the one that is served until the next purge.

    That claim of working with W3 Total Cache needs to be retracted!

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  • Plugin Author Jose


    Hi @mwaponda I don’t see any support request from you. This should be a support request not a review.

    Very probably, you have also a layer of cache before W3TotalCache, maybe a CDN or the cache provided by your server.

    We tested W3TotalCache many times and never had problems this is why in the description we write that it’s compatible with W3TotalCache.
    Until W3TotalCache offers the option to serve a different cache for mobile, our plugin is compatible with W3TotalCache. If W3TotalCache is not able anymore to serve a different cache for mobile, but it claims it does it, you should open a ticket with W3TotalCache.

    Specific Content For Mobile only replaces the content on mobile, nothing else. Please read here for more details: https://wordpress.org/support/topic/how-it-works-49/.

    Please, read also here for more details about the cache: https://wordpress.org/support/topic/the-caching-plugin-if-any-must-distinguish-between-mobile-and-desktop/

    You are giving 1 star because the caching plugins or your server or your CDN if any are giving issues 🙂

    I suggest you, if you are sure W3TotalCache is working, contact your server provider or check the settings of your CDN. On the contrary, contact the support of W3TotalCache.

    Have a great day!


    Plugin Author Jose


    HI @mwaponda

    can you please remove your bad review? You had an issue that has nothing to do with Specific Content For Mobile, but with a different plugin, and the SCFM appears a lot fewer times in the search results due to your bad review.

    Thank you!

    Have a great day!


    Thread Starter mwaponda


    Hi Jose,

    I thought the value of the reviews is to advise other users about potential problems?

    I had to move to WP Fastest Cache for it to work. So my review is accurate. Wouldn’t you agree?

    Have you updated the plugin page to retract the claim/ statement that “works with W3 Total Cache”? Is this not on the support forum?

    With best regards,

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    Plugin Author Jose


    Hi @mwaponda

    I tested W3 Total Cache again after your review and I don’t see any problem, this is why I think there is something specific with your case that should be investigated.
    For me, it would be easier to write that SCFM is not compatible with W3 Total Cache. W3 Total Cache isn’t my plugin and I have no affiliates or something like that. I have no interest in saying SCFM works with W3 Total Cache if it doesn’t. I say it because I’ve tested it and it works for me and for many other users.

    I can’t write in the description that it’s not compatible because a user/+6000 has a problem with W3 Total Cache.

    In this kind of case, the user who has the problem, in this case, you, should open a thread on the support forum.

    No, this is not the support forum, but the place where you write the reviews. The URL of the pages where you leave the reviews includes “support” but it’s not here the place where you ask for help.

    Here you can open a thread if you need help: https://wordpress.org/support/plugin/specific-content-for-mobile/

    Have a great day!


    Plugin Author Jose


    I thought the value of the reviews is to advise other users about potential problems?

    Yes, this is right, but for me not in this case, because. your advice is about W3 Total Cache, and is based on your specific case.

    You can help a lot more if you open a thread on the support forum and give the information needed to investigate and solve the issue. Until now I don’t know why W3 Total Cache didn’t work on your site. Moreover, as I understand you are still using Specific Content For Mobile, a plugin that you rated with 1 star.
    This doesn’t help the authors at all. It’s us who work on a plugin that you are using for free on your website and all. that you are able to do is leave 1 star because you have a problem with a plugin that has nothing to do with us.

    Please, open a thread on the support forum and provide the information needed to investigate the issue:

    • Your website URL
    • The list of your plugins.
    • Your theme
    • The settings of W3 Total Cache, especially the User Agent you wrote to serve a separate cache for mobile

    If you do that, it would help other users.

    Have a great day!



    The proper form here in these realms, when this sort of thing happens, is to open a support ticket…

    But now the review exists, and can’t be removed… And so changing the review rating is the next best thing…

    And most especially because your own comments say you are using the plugin still… And so you are greatly benefiting from all the time and work developing and maintaining what is a very handy, well done and unique plugin…

    So the proper and decent thing for you to do is to open a support ticket, or at the very least change this review rating… Five stars would not be wrong, even disregarding the real benefit you are gaining from it, simply because of the effort that has been put into engaging you here…


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