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  • The BunnyCDN plugin doesn’t appear to work with subdirectory installs such as with WP multisite.

    In the configuration dashboard, the Site URL field is correctly detected automatically. But if use that detected URL with a subdirectory, the files don’t get pulled from the CDN–it reverts to the origin URL.

    If you remove the subdirectory from that field and revert to just the root domain, it tries to pull from the CDN, but it throws 404 errors for the assets because it can’t find the files because it’s not linking to the subdirectory.

    By contrast, the BunnyCDN service *does* work as expected with subdirectories if you use the KeyCDN CDN Enabler WordPress plugin instead of the BunnyCDN WordPress plugin. So the issue seems to lie with this plugin rather than the underlying BunnyCDN service.

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