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  • Hi. I’ve had this plugin set up on my site since last fall (2015) and I just noticed the other day that it seems to have stopped working? I didn’t change anything about how I have it set up, but the page where the before and after images were displayed is now blank. I really have no idea how to trouble-shoot this and would love some help! Thanks so much.


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  • Same here.

    Hello!? Can we get any assistance?

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    Same here, happening since the last WP update.

    I ended up finding this and installing it instead (it’s very similar):

    Same problem: TwentyTwenty doesn’t work since last update of WP.
    Is the support line dead or just thinking about a solution? It would help to know what they will do with it so that we can make a decision and maybe take Twenty20 (as Valerieryan suggested).

    Wanted to chime in because a client of mine has run into this issue. There is a problem with the latest version of jQuery (1.12.3) and either this plugin, or another plugin that is causing a downstream issue with twentytwenty.

    A quick (but bad) fix can be to revert to an older version of jQuery, 1.11.3 works. But this is a bad solution because it’s swapping out the jQuery that ships with WP Core for an older version. I’d avoid it for any production websites, but it can be a temporary solution while you fix the problem. Because this is a bad solution, I don’t want to link to ways to revert back to jQuery 1.11.3, but you can google it.

    A better fix is to investigate what is causing jQuery to not fire on the front end. In the case of my client it is this:

    unrecognized expression: a[href*=#]:not([href=#])

    And in the case of the user Sequiturs up there, it is similar

    Syntax error, unrecognized expression: .mobile_menu > ul > li.has_sub > span.mobile_arrow, .mobile_menu > ul > li.has_sub > h6, .mobile_menu > ul > li.has_sub > a[href*=#]

    Sequiturs, if you’re using a mobile_menu plugin you can try disabling it, and then seeing if this twentytwenty plugin works again. That would help isolate the issue.

    I’m going to do some more investigating and try to isolate the issue with this plugin against a blank WP install.

    Stay tuned.

    Ok, I’ve done a little more testing. Stand alone, the plugin works fine with 4.5.2. It would seem like another plugin is throwing an exception and then twentytwenty is failing. Still looking to see which plugin is failing in my client’s site.

    same here… doesn’t work since WP update

    It works! Just needed to update visual composer!

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