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  • IT Hertz


    The interface is one of the most polished of the many galleries I’ve tried. Image management is easy and works well (sorting, editing, etc.)

    Unfortunately, that’s meaningless if the thumbs and images don’t even appear on the webpage — no joy in FF or Chrome; gave up and didn’t even try IE.

    I may give this one another try when I have time for diagnostics. Meanwhile, I’ve installed one that works out of the box…

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  • GreenTreeLabs


    Hi, I’m always surprised when I get this kind of ratings.

    I honestly don’t know KingSize theme, I’ve seen at least 2000 different themes during the last 5 years.

    Truth is there are thousands of themes and plugins and it’s impossible to be sure everything will work 100% with any themes on earth with any kind of plugin installed. Conflicts happen, sorry.

    I find really unfair 1 star even without tried to ask for support. This plugin is currently used on more than 7000 sites, that must mean something about the quality of this plugin.

    I hope you’ll answer so we can try to fix the issue and change this rating.


    IT Hertz


    Perhaps I could have posted this in support rather than ratings, but it’s only my personal experience with the plugin; it may work great in other themes (which I’m not currently using and thus have not tried it with). I also neglected to spec WP version is 4.5.3 and KingSize theme version is 5.0.8



    I respect your choice but I’m not agree at all with it.
    If the gallery doesn’t even show there must be some conflict with the theme or with other plugins. I just don’t know because you don’t even asked for support and I can’t have that theme because is not free.
    In most cases the gallery doesn’t show because the theme, or another plugin, is including jQuery in a wrong way.
    But we’re wasting time discussing about this rating while we would had already fixed the issue if you had sent me the url of your gallery.

    I’ll concede it may have been a bit unfair of me to expect compatibility with premium themes, since most devs wouldn’t shell out money on a lot of premium themes just to ensure compatibility.
    If I could remove the review, I would, but I don’t see that option, so I’ll bump the rating in view of the positives that I previously mentioned.

    Thanks I appreciate. However I renew my offer to let me help you. This plugin has sold almost 4,000 copies and in 3 years I really have seen hundreds of different cases.

    When the gallery doesn’t even appear it usually depends by a jQuery conflict caused by the theme or other plugins because they statically include jQuery instead of using the correct functions provided by WordPress.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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