• Hi,

    I have created a multistep form, and so far it works well with all types of browser, except Edge, where the first form displays the default success message, but doesn’t load the next step.

    What could be the reason for this issue?

    Edge latest (can’t find the version number in this **** thing)
    Wordpress 5.9.1 with Uncode theme
    Windows 10

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    I just noticed that the demo form at https://webheadcoder.com/contact-form-7-multi-step-form/ displays an error message with Edge when submitting to the next step. This is disappointing to say the least.

    Any chance this can be solved quickly?

    Plugin Author webheadcoder


    This actually looks like an issue with the core Contact Form 7 plugin. This multistep plugin requires AJAX to be enabled to work and for some reason Edge does not submit the form via AJAX. The version of Edge I have did not submit the example form on CF7’s website through ajax (it did not show the spinning wheel icon and the page reloaded). You can try it here:

    I’ll keep looking to see if anyone else has experienced this issue or if there’s a way to fix it.

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    Windows 10 just updated Edge browser to 99.0.1150.36 and both the CF7 test form and your multi step test form are working.

    I can only assume it means that MS fixed an issue that caused these AJAX problems. Can you confirm?

    Thanks, Michael

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    Yes, I can confirm the latest version of Edge works with CF7 ajax.

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