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  • Does this plugin NOT work with custom user roles? I ask because I have 3 different custom user roles set up (ie: Silver, Gold & Platinum) and I’m definitely not seeing any custom pricing being displayed on the front end for any of these roles. The plugin does appear to be working correctly when I test it using the “Administrator” user role, however. So I’m pretty sure that I’m configuring and using it correctly.

    Is there any way to get this working with custom user roles? If so, how? I’m comfortable with applying code customizations to one of the plugin files if you can help point me in the right direction.

    – Yvan

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  • Plugin Contributor Arnis Arbidans


    Hi @ygagnon2016

    I personally use this plugin with custom roles (Wholesale customer & bulk customer) for last 2 years and it work perfect.
    My guess would be that your settings are not configured properly somewhere Check this for role settings

    best regards,

    Thread Starter ygagnon2016


    Are these custom roles that you say you have it working with ones that were added by some other plugin, perhaps? I ask because “customer” sounds like a woocommerce specific role .. and the custom user roles that I’m trying to get it working with are ones that I created using a plugin called “User Role Editor”

    Question: how does this plugin handle situations where there are multiple roles associated with a user? For example, in my situation, the users typically have the “customer” role assigned to them, — as well as either silver, gold, or platinum roles. Is this plugin not capable of properly handling those types of situations?

    – Yvan

    I’m having the same issue. It doesn’t work with custom user roles.

    – Avtar

    Plugin Author Varun Sridharan




    Just understand 1 thing when you install user role editor you will get 2 options for a single user
    1. Primary User Role — WP Defaults
    2. Secondary User Role — PLugins Option.

    Our plugin uses only primary user role which you need to modify inorder to work

    Thread Starter ygagnon2016


    I just figured it out. The user that I was testing with had these 2 different user roles assigned to it: “Customer, Silver”.

    When I modified this user and changed the role to be just “Silver”, then the plugin worked as expected.

    Now the question is .. if I remove the “customer” role for a user .. I’m curious about how this will effect that associated woocommerce order. I’ll have to do some more testing to find out, I suppose.

    – Yvan

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