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  • Hi, I think this plugin is a really great idea, but unfortunately it doesn’t seem to work when a caching plugin is used. I tested with Comet Cache and WP Fastest Cache and both return status 200 when tested for

    I am testing with postman with the additional interceptor.

    I noticed that on a uncached page it does work and returns status 403.

    I also tested this on the developer’s website ( for with postman (+interceptor) and it also returned a 200 status. So it appears the plugin is not working on the developer’s site which is using W3 Total Cache.

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  • Plugin Author threenine


    Thank you for your feedback much appreciated.

    In order to understand why this occurs you need to understand the basics of caching and how wordpress works.

    Firstly, the current implementation of the plugin is designed to operate with the WordPress process, when no caching mechanism is in place, when a request is made to wordpress site, we hook into the requestparser object within WordPress API, to check the request details. WordPress then builds then dynamically builds the webpage to serve.

    However, when a caching is involved, actual physical pre-rendered HTML files are physically stored on the server. Therefore when a request is made, everything then comes under management Apache/Nginx depending on the web server technology your hosting provider uses.

    Therefore, we would need to build into the plugin configuration options for Apache/nginx. Whilst not too difficult to do, it is rather time consuming, and would require some significant QA effort to ensure that we are able to do this under many different hosting configurations.

    We presently do not have the time or the resources due to significant additional paid for work/projects we are engaged in. However, as this is a Free Open Source Project and open to community contributions, anyone who would like to make a contribution to the project certainly can. We would be only to happy to accept pull requests for any enhancements/features.

    If you would like to make a contribution you can visit our Github repository clone it and get to work.

    Alternatively, if you would like to make a financial contribution to enable the team to dedicate time and resources to the projects outside of free time then you can do so by either using the donate options within the plugin or right here on the plugin homepage.

    Thank you for your feedback, and we will attempt implement the functionality to the plugin as and when resource constraints allow.

    Plugin Author threenine


    Thought I would just add, that if you would like to learn how to configure an apache web server to block referer spam I wrote a blog post back in 2015 with instructions

    I hope this helps.


    I found an easy fix for this.

    If you add the list of referrers to the “HTTP Referrer Exclusion” section in Comet Cache the plugin works. So this makes it possible to use the plugin with a caching plugin.

    I did want to ask though, you have over 1000 referrers in your list. I wonder how up-to-date this list is? As other similar plugins seem to be using the list from here which appears frequently updated (last update 5 days ago) and contains just over 500 referrers:

    So i’m wondering if your list contains outdated referrers that are no longer required?

    I would also like to know if there is any easy way to convert such a list into something i could place into my htaccess?


    Plugin Author threenine


    Referer spammer urls never go out of date. They are mostly generated by bots, with the intention of financial reward. The urls have been registered by the fraudsters, and may be intermittently used, campaigns can often be sporadic and often only batches of URLS are used.

    That piwik list was originally generated by a list I and few others started to generate back in 2015 They obviously have added a couple of others recently.

    The plugin enables you to add new referer spammers to your block list if you require using the Add New functionality. We don’t have the time or resources to dedicate continually monitoring and updating the list.

    If you would like to contribute to this effort you are more than welcome. We have included into the plugin update code the ability to add new referer spammers to the list when the plugin code is updated.

    If you know how to code using either php, bash , python, javascript or any other programming language you could write a simple script to transform the format of the list to any format you require.
    Maybe something similar too

    If you would like to contribute to another open source project we’re currently working on to help auto update the list
    assistance would be appreciated

    Hope this helps

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    Now i have the plugin working with Comet Cache, could you tell me if having such a large referrer list has any negative impact on site performance? Does this delay the responsiveness of the site?

    Plugin Author threenine


    It should have neglible impact on performance. However, I cannot really advise or comment on how Comet Cache works as I have no knowledge of that plugin and have never used it.

    Also I really can’t guarantee either, as a lot of performance issues may also include system resources allocated by your hosting provider.

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    Sure, I understand.

    As for Comet Cache, you might want to give it a look. It’s quite easy to paste the list of referrers into the Comet Cache HTTP referrer exclusion section, and when i tested with postman the referrers tested return a 403 status. So seems to be working quite well!

    Just a final question, the plugin was last updated 6 months ago. Are you planning to update it again?

    Plugin Author threenine


    Will try take a look at some point.

    Yes, will undoubtedly update the plugin at some point. it’s just a matter of trying to find some time. Have a lot of features and enhancements would like to include, but unfortunately have a lot of paid work to do 🙂

    That’s great to hear, thanks for providing good support!

    Hello is the plugin also support wp super cache yet?

    Plugin Author threenine


    At the moment, we don’t support any cache plugins.
    We are working on changing that but it may take sometime

    Thank you so much if you can update, by the way please forcus on suport wp super cache

    I tested all 99% plugin cache which i can search on
    + CPU load. wp super cache is TOP ligh weight
    + Conflict. None. I used around 200 plugin active. But w3 and some another cache plugin conflict
    + Function. This plugin have all function forcus on cache needed.

    So this plugin should be good basic for you to working on to enable this function.


    @oanhtran1804 Have you tried this :

    It should be much more lightweight than super cache. Even the download size is tiny.

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