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  • WP by default doesn’t deal with animated GIFs: it just saves the first frame as a resized image.

    There’s a plugin to work around this, aptly named “animated gif resize“.

    This plugin, even though it looks old, works OOTB for vanilla WP, but breaks this plugin’s functionality.

    When I hit the “Crop it” button, this is the traceback I get (via the browser’s dev console):

    Fatal error: Call to a member function getGif() on a non-object in wp-content/plugins/animated-gif-resize/Bbpp_Animated_Gif.php on line 92

    Call Stack:
     1. {main}() wp-admin/admin-ajax.php:0
     2. do_action() wp-admin/admin-ajax.php:89
     3. call_user_func_array:{wp-includes/plugin.php:525}() wp-includes/plugin.php:525
     4. mic_ajax_crop_image() wp-includes/plugin.php:525
     5. ManualImageCrop->cropImage() wp-content/plugins/manual-image-crop/manual-image-crop.php:59
     6. Bbpp_Animated_Gif->save() wp-content/plugins/manual-image-crop/lib/ManualImageCrop.php:289
     7. Bbpp_Animated_Gif->_save_animated_gif() wp-content/plugins/animated-gif-resize/Bbpp_Animated_Gif.php:13
     8. WP_Image_Editor_GD->make_image() wp-content/plugins/animated-gif-resize/Bbpp_Animated_Gif.php:103
     9. WP_Image_Editor->make_image() wp-includes/class-wp-image-editor-gd.php:487
    10. call_user_func_array:{wp-includes/class-wp-image-editor.php:423}() wp-includes/class-wp-image-editor.php:423
    11. Bbpp_Animated_Gif->_save_animated_gif_file() wp-includes/class-wp-image-editor.php:423

    I realize this may be a bug with the other plugin, but since the other isn’t maintained, and it actually works for vanilla WP, I thought you might want to look into it.


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