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    first of all: Great plugin! Great work! Thank you!

    Unfortunately your plugin does not work with the new acf version 5. All cropped images disappear from the website and the image crop field type in backend is not available anymore.

    Elliot from acf wrote:
    “If you are a developer of a field type, please be sure to read the updated article as the changes should only take a few minutes to implement.”

    I hope that you can take those minutes in the near future. 🙂

    Kind regards,

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  • Plugin Author andersthorborg


    Hi @johnnyvonschlecker,

    Thanks for the heads up. ACF5 compatibility is on the top of the todo-list. 🙂

    Best, Anders



    Hello @andersthorborg

    Do you have an ETA on this?


    Plugin Author andersthorborg


    Version 1.1 is just released and should be ACF5 compatible.

    Please report any issues. 🙂





    Hi @andersthorborg

    Thank you for quickly fixing this issue for us. Much appreciated.

    A few issue that we’ve spotted…

    Force user to crop
    Can’t really see this doing anything. I can still add an image, and publish the page with out cropping the image. What is meant to happen here?

    Save cropped image to media library = yes & Return = Image object
    This actually does not seem to create a new media library item anymore? And this is what is returned as the image object…

    stdClass Object
        [image] => 2014/07/GSX-RL4_action_1_646x340_acf_cropped.jpg
        [preview] => 2014/07/preview_GSX-RL4_action_1_646x340_acf_cropped.jpg

    So I’m guessing its a little broken, but it works but we need to work a little differently.


    This is how I think it should work. Please hear me out…

    Save cropped image to media library

    Rename this to…

    Save cropped image as new media library item

    If is ‘NO‘ get the image URL of the target image, use this image and delete using unlink(‘$target_img) and then save the new cropped version with exactly the same name. Do not add _acf_cropped into the file.

    Also please note you are using an underscore before the dimensions in your image filename, wordpress uses a hyphen just before the image dimensions rather than a underscore.

    This means, we can use the Image URL, Image ID and Image Object. No need to disable Image ID and Image Object this way 🙂

    And this is better because you are updated the original media library item. But you are only ever updating the target size. Which is great because this allows the user to have different cropped sizes for all their images sizes, all in the original media item. In turn allowing us to use the Image Object and Image ID.

    If is ‘YES‘ then this should just create a new media library item just for this target image size. Just like it did in version 4. And you can add _acf_cropped into the file name for this version so it does interfere with original media item.


    We tried to implement this ourselves. But we didn’t test the plugin thoroughly enough before we started modifying the plugin, then released the plugin does not create a new media item anymore, so we were struggling to get the whole thing bug free.

    Many Thanks

    Plugin Author andersthorborg


    Hi @motocomdigital,

    Thanks for your feedback! There was a few issues and I have applied fixes to the ones you mentioned in v 1.1.2, so everything should work as in the good old version. 🙂 Please let me know if you experience more issues.

    I appreciate your suggestion for an alternate way of handling the cropped images. Do I understand correctly that you would like to overwrite the image sizes generated by wordpress with the manually cropped version? I have been considering this option as well, but my main concern is that this solution can potentially result in the user overwriting previous cropped versions unintentionally. (If two different pages use the same image and the same target size.)
    As the image is cropped in a per-page-context I would like the changes stay inside that context. However this might be a more theoretical problem that an actual one, so I would like to consider it some more. Maybe even add it as a third option.

    Best, Anders

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