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  • Hi Velvet Blue,

    I downloaded your plugin today and found that it doesn’t work. I debugged it and found that you are using the wrong hook in one place: you are using 'comment_save_pre' when you should be using 'edit_comment'; just change on line 36 and it will allow your plugin to save (but you might want to change the name the parameter on line 78 and delete the other references on the return statement for good programming practice, of course.) It’s strange because it’s perfectly structured otherwise; I wonder if someone changed from 'edit_comment' accidentally?

    The other problem uncovered is that the second time the Quick Reply form is opened between page refreshes it doesn’t update the fields. It appears to be something that might have been broken by changes in the how comments are handled via AJAX. You are generating the edit form once after all other comments are rendered in the 'wp_comment_reply' hook but on AJAX WordPress 3.5 does not call that hook.

    I tried to fix it for you but it looks like it’s going to require more time than I have this morning so I’ll leave it with you.


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  • Plugin Author


    Thanks for your help Mike! I’ll definitely look into these odd bugs in WP 3.5 and update the plugin.

    Cool. Thanks for acknowledging. Looking forward to the fixes.

    Hi @VelvetBlues:

    Any updates?

    I need to admin (move) some comments on my blog, and this plugin is exactly what I need! Unfortunately, I found that it isn’t updating the fields when I submit the change. I found this support post…looks like it may be the same issue I am experiencing. Is there any update coming to this plugin? If not, I will need to figure out another way to move my comments.

    If someone wants to work with me, I am interested in learning how to write plugins and I would partner up to fix this plugin. I am a long-time developer, but fairly new to WordPress.

    Hey @ag2reo4scontact me, let’s chat about your past experience and interest in plugin development, maybe I can help.

    Mike, your my hero! I edited the PHP as you described in line 36 and it now works – I’m using WP3.6.
    Thanks a lot for indicating this.
    @author: Please fix, it’s so easy that it’s hard to understand why you haven’t done this within 8 months…

    PS: I mainly intend to use this to assign the right parent to comments – WP is not very good at helping users to properly answer comments…

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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