• fcancer


    I’ve set up all groups with discounts like “Registered 0 (empty field in options)”, “VIP 5%”, “VIP 10%”, “VIP 15%”, “VIP 20%”, “VIP 30%”.
    Groups with discount work properly, but the main group “Registered” for some reason screwed prices. For example, if a product price was £17, client in a “Registered” group, with no discount now sees £16.99.
    If I disable plugin, everything go back to normal. Only visitors (not registered) see correct prices when the plugin in active.

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  • Plugin Author ablancodev


    Hi fcancer,
    if you share your plugin settings, I can try to help you.
    Please use the support before to give a bad rating ( Remember that behind a free plugin there is much work )
    Kind Regards,
    Antonio B.

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