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    Hello Frank,
    I’m using your plugin (version 2.4.3) on WP 4.6.1. It is working good in text mode, but not in the visual mode.
    When selecting the text in visual and then selecting the created quicktag it does nothing and when placing the cursor before the first letter of the paragraph and then selecting the quicktag, the text is deleted.
    Would you please advice?

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  • Plugin Author Frank


    Please check the console of your browser for an error. You can use this in Chrome, F12 and see right for red icon. Maybe you have a javascript problem with other plugins.

    You should also test this without other plugins and a default WP theme.
    The plugin works also under this WP release, also now under WP 4.7.


    Hello Frank, thank you for your reply.
    I have tried as according to your suggestion, but the problem persist.
    I have no JS errors in inspector, by the way.
    If I use textual version of wysiwyg editor, the plugin works. The problem is only with visual version of wysiwyg editor.
    Maybe it is because I use the <p> tag and not <div>?
    My short code that I insert is as follows <p class="intro">Text to put here</p>
    Thank you for your kind reply!
    Best regards, Serghei.


    I think I found the error. In my dev console I get a 404 error on the following file:

    Indeed in the plugin folder I cannot find the tinymce folder…

    Hello, my plugin install does have tinymce folder, but the visual part does not work, only the text part.

    Plugin Author Frank


    But the name of the file is incorrect or have an additional parameter, maybe via cache or minify JS plugin. Can you try this without other plugins and a default WP theme?

    Hello Frank, I have applied the last update of the plugin (version 2.5.0), but it still does not apply the quick tag as I described before, I’m using <p> tag with a class to add around a selected phrase, like <p class=”intro”>Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit.</p> this is what I would like to have in visual, but the only way to have this is to do it from text view of WYSIWYG.
    Another strange thing is if I have a paragraph of text and select the first phrase to which I would like to apply the quicktag, the selected phrase remains, but the rest of the paragraph is removed. If there is 2 paragraphs the second remains without changes.
    Do you have any thoughts about this issue?
    Thank you in advanced.
    Best regards, Serghei

    Hi, I have the same problem. I designed some css for a testimonial. In text editor I can add it perfectly. But not all of the website users are using textmode. Most users prefer the visual editor. Here I have the list with my quicktags. I can select the right entry but nothing happens. In text mode I can see that the tag wasn`t there. If I create text in text mode the tag is inserted by clicking the quicktag entry. If I change to visual editor than, the text in quicktag tags including the tags itself clear away.
    Can you help me please?

    Can you help me solving this problem? Otherwise I can´t use your plugin.

    Plugin Author Frank


    Hi Jenni1990.
    Please check the console of your browser, on default F12 Tab Console for errors. Maybe you have other plugins, that create a error in the javascript area of the visual editor.
    It is not easy for me to solve it.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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