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  • Hi,
    I’ve been using this plugin for a while. It looks good on safari, chrome, explorer, etc. But I just got the samsung galaxy 3 yesterday, and the lightbox doesn’t work. The image pops up but goes dark like the background does and is almost impossible to see. Any suggestions for this? A solution like, “install chrome as your mobile browser” won’t help me, as I’m more concerned about my viewers being able to access my portfolio without having to jump thru hoops.



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  • Hi. I checked your site out and noticed your gallery is displaying the way I want my gallery to display on mobile phones ie the pic resizes in the browser.

    How did you fix the problem? cheers.

    i checked your link,
    and i’ve seen thumbnails and that’s what i want to do with my gallery too. yours is responsive. mine is not – the thumbs kept piling up in-line.

    what are the codes / short codes did you use?

    Plugin Author ulfben


    Is anyone else having this problem and capable to debug for me? Or send me a Galaxy S3 to test on. 🙂

    Hi there, I just run into the same problem. Image shows up in the background and everything above goes dark…
    Plugin works really nice everywhere except on the latest android with/or android browser. It works on some old android devices, but not on a new one with all the latest updates… It even works with emulated devices that you can set up with android SDK. I tried other lightbox editions and most of them does the same. Could it be some bug of the latest android browser?

    Site to check:

    screenshot on a 7″ sony tablet with android browser:

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    I’ve got a One X but can’t for the life of me find the default browser. I run Chrome, but the “original” is called Browser or Internet or somesuch right?

    Does anyone know if I can get the standard browser back from Google Play?

    I don’t know much about android, but the “original” browser is called Browser, check out it’s icon here:

    I’ve no idea where to find or download it if missing, I thought it’s there by default like mobile safari on iOS…

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    Exactly, there’s supposed to be a ‘Browser’ app somewhere, but it’s not on my phone. And searching for ‘Browser’ in the Play store is … pretty silly. 🙂

    Plugin Author ulfben


    Ah, nevermind. I had actually disabled the stock browser in the app settings.

    So – here’s what I’ve tested (on HTC One X+, stock)
    – “Internet”, version 4.5.491575: The lightbox works well
    – Chrome, version 18.0.1025469: Also works well

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