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  • <a href=olddomain/img.jpg><img src=olddomain/img_200x300></a>

    this only downloads and replaces the img tag, not the a tag 🙁

    <a href=olddomain/img.jpg><img src=newdomain/img_200x300></a>

    i guess this situation is not part of the functionality currently?

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  • Same. Interested, too, chiming in for notification if there’s relevant follow-up (like if there’s an easy-fix plugin conflict or something).

    Yes, same here, that’s really too bad… Hard to believe that there doesn’t seem to be any solution out there for properly importing inline images, you think it would be a pretty common need. I’ve also tried WP All Export / Import PRO plugin but it doesn’t deal with inline images at all…

    Ok, so I found a way to make it work for me without using this plugin:

    1. Make sure you deactivate Auto Upload Images
    2. From the website you want to export: Export Posts (posts.xml) and media (media.xml)
    3. On the website you want to import: Import Posts.xml without checking “Download and import file attachments”
    3. Then import media.xml and check “Download and import file attachments”, there will probably be a timeout so simply repeat this step as media already imported won’t be duplicated
    4. Install Velvet Blues URL and replace the old URL with the new
    5. And voilà!

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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