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  • Hi!
    You built a plugin that would be perfect to me.
    When I found it in the site I was more than happy but there is a great issue: the plugin doesn’t work..
    I switch on the mainteinance mode, I put a redirect URL in the form, chose “redirect” as option, save, and accessing the blog from another device (to be sure that nothing is cached) I see the main page like before the whole operation.
    Is it perhaps a version compatibility issue?
    I don’t want give you 1 star like the other user: I’m asking you a patch. I’d like to give you the 5 star you merit!!
    Thank you for reading.


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  • Plugin Author Matt Royal


    Hi Matteo

    I think because I have tried to cater for a few various scenarios that users of the plugin might need, the configuration of the plugin may be what is confusing.

    If you could help me get to the bottom of it, that would be great 🙂

    I have written down a step by step guide to configuring the plugin correctly.

    Give it a try and let me know. Perhaps this will help some others and then I can add some better documentation for it. (If it is still not working please send me a private message so I can assist further and get it patched for you and everyone else. thanks)

    • Step 1 – Switch on Maintenance mode
    • Step 2 – Set an end date. If the date is before or equal to the current date, redirects or messages will not fire. Currently an end date must be set!
    • Step 3 – Set message intervals. By default it is set to 0, this will make your redirect or message fire every time someone accesses your websites WooCommerce page. Make sure yours is set correctly to the frequency you wish and when changing this, make sure to use the ‘Delete all cookies’ button before setting your new value. (Remember cookies are stored in the browser so if using a different device/browser to test, the already set cookies will need to expire naturally on that device/browser first, or you will need to login to your Dashboard from that device/browser and then use the ‘Delete all cookies’ button to manually delete them from there.)
    • Step 4 – Display Options. NB!! Use the dropdown list to select the type of display or redirect you are using. It is not enough to just type in a redirect url, a message or select a page option, you must use this drop down to specify which one you are using!!

    Important! When testing, you must make sure you are not loggedin or else it will appear to not work. I have done this plenty times during development.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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