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    For some reason I can’t get the pop ups to work when they are in the header or footer of my site, unless the class also appears in the man page content as well.

    Example: https://ausdance.saranyadesigns.com/

    There is a login button in the header and “test” one in the footer with the class “sg-popup-id-2139” – it doesn’t work on any regular page at the moment.

    As an experiment, I created a button with the same class on this test page (just to make sure the pop up was actually working at all): https://ausdance.saranyadesigns.com/login-test/

    You’ll notice the pop up works great on that page, but the strange part is that ONLY on this page (when the class also appears in the main page content) it also makes the versions in the header and footer work as well!

    Strange, huh? Any thoughts how to make it work in header and footer without it appearing in the main content?

    Thanks in advance…

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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    On a personal note, I also just visited your website and noticed you are based in Yerevan, Armenia, which I’ll admit was quite a shock to me. I am a fellow Armenian, my grandfather was a genocide survivor, and I only recently visited Yerevan myself in 2019. I am sorry to be so hard on you yeghbayr, but you need to do better. Also… your portfolio popups on this page of your own website are not working either, fyi: https://sygnoos.com/portfolio.php

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    Thank you @sarahsas for your input on this. We have already opened a task and will investigate the issue of why the popup is not working on the header and footer.

    Let me do some clarifications here.
    When we built the detection method we take into consideration that maybe in some cases it could fail and for that purpose, we have a custom approach via Display rule -> Everywhere (https://prnt.sc/zzor5e) which forces the popup data to load sitewide. We reserve this option along with do_shortcode (which I’ve provided) when the auto detection fails.

    May I know if the previously provided solutions worked for you? Also, I don’t want to repeat but still are you sure you’ve setup Display rule -> Everywhere ?

    Thank you for your contribution it will be helpful for the community.

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    Hey @sarahsas,
    You are absolutely right we should do our best to provide a better plugin. At some point, our minds were away because of problems we had in our country but don’t worry we are going to put all our efforts to make things work as they should and even better.

    All your comments will be considered in detail and will be included in our upcoming updates.

    Thank you very much for your support (շնորհակալություն).

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    @sygnoos thanks for the responses. The footer code works great and the issue is now resolved. Thanks for this.

    I apologize for my harsh reactions yesterday, I think your plugin is great and offers wonderful functionality, which is why I was frustrated that your team didn’t initially seem interested in discovering and addressing the source of the issue to make it the best it can be. I hope you can discover the reason the header & footer popups are not natively working and fix this for future users.

    On a personal note, my heart breaks for the current situation with Artsakh and the fact that there has not been more support from the global community. My family and I have been working hard from overseas to draw attention to these events wherever possible and sending financial support for the recovery efforts. I look forward to returning to Armenia soon.

    Բայց երանի՝ որ յուրր ազգի
    Ազատության կը զոհվի

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    Hello dear @sarahsas ,

    Armen from Popup Builder in touch.

    I am more than glad that the code provided by my colleague helped.
    We will do our best to make sure the plugin works as it’s supposed to. Many enhancements are planned for the future for our plugin and I do hope you will enjoy it even more in the future.

    Thank you so much for the continued support! I hope to see you back in Armenia one day.

    P.S. We also noticed the other review you left and were hoping that the resolution of this case as well as the continous improvement of our plugin will help reconsider it.

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