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  • georgia313


    Chrome doesn’t display “Subsidiary” widget correctly and another pay for support provider.

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  • Yury


    Their support is only an additional service. Could you find any free theme or plugin with guarantied free support?




    yes – “back in the day” many designers answered questions posted in the support forums. “guarantied” quality support adds to sales and is less swarmy.

    In any case – who doesn’t check display in chrome before posting a product?

    Theme Author Griden


    This is Ascetica’s demo:
    As you can see widgets in the Subsidiary area are properly displayed.

    Theme support for Ascetica is offered exclusively on ThemeHybrid (, not on (it’s not even listed there) – check the theme credit links.

    Even then, you could simply use the “Bug Report” option on, if you think it’s a technical bug. I don’t charge for fixing theme bugs – I’m naturally interested in improving the product.

    On top of that, I do check the support forums here and could have answered your question if you didn’t expect me to spend all my time here and if you weren’t in such hurry to leave this senseless review (the same day you posted your question).

    “Back in the day”, theme developers used to get some appreciation for the mere fact they’ve spent weeks and months to contribute to the WordPress community by giving away the products of their work.

    I guess this wrongful “review” is your contribution to the community. Well, thank you.

    Griden, no one thinks you shouldn’t be able to charge for quality work, but you need to understand something. The pushback you are getting for charging for support is because it’s a “gotcha”. That is to say, had you simply charged $30 for this theme up front then people would either pay it or not. But you have purposely created zero documentation for this theme. This means people spend hours toiling and anguishing, trying to make the theme work for them, then either give up and pay you or move on to a different theme. If you are receiving bad reviews on a decent free theme then it’s time to rethink your modus operandi.

    Theme Author Griden


    I already commented on your review here:

    In short: the theme doesn’t need documentation. There isn’t documentation even for the paid subscribers. As a ThemeHybrid member, I would knew If there was such need, and I’d have offered docs.

    I understand there are people that don’t want to spend a few hours to learn how to use WordPress and prefer to be spoon-fed. But that simply doesn’t adhere to the spirit of the WordPress community and I’m not going to encourage such practices. is a place for people who like the platform, appreciate the enormous amount of value that is offered here, and are willing to spend some minimal efforts to learn how to use it. I am always up to helping those members of the WordPress community, but I don’t think I can do much for the rest.

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