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    Ultimate Noindex Nofollow Tool II no longer seems to work in WP 3.42.

    Ultimate Noindex Nofollow Tool II was a great idea and I have a considerable need for a plugin just such as this at the moment!

    I encourage you to update and to continue to support Ultimate Noindex Nofollow Tool II!

    Does anybody have any idea why this might not work anymore? I am no expert but I just examined the code; the plugin is one file and a small one at that – simplicity is beauty!

    It appears to be simply a series of custom functions but maybe some of the codex and php are not currently supported?


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  • Plugin Author texttheater


    Hi rrhobbs,

    thanks for reporting the problem! The plugins still seems to work on my site, so can you describe

    1) what settings you made (maybe link to a screenshot of the settings page for this plugin)
    2) how you noticed it doesn’t work?
    3) a link to your site might also be helpful, if possible


    Hi texttheater – Thanks for the followup πŸ™‚

    I will test the plugin again – and give it more time… I recently installed WP-Super Cache and I never know what my page source is telling me! I am presuming that I could look in the head’s meta for the noindex tags? or is it the http headers(?) please forgive my naivete.

    I looked at the code – as I mentioned in my note to you, it is VERY concise – I kept thinking there shouldnt be anything wrong with this – just a couple of custom WP functions and some PHP (?) … hopefully nothing too deprecated or unsecure… (this is where it really gets above my limited level of expertise)

    P.s. I am also using Yoast WordPress SEO, Prelovac’s SEO Images and Prelovac’s Smart Links – do you anticipate any conflicts?

    I REALLY want Ultimate Noindex Nofollow Tool II to work – let me test it again and I will follow up in a few days.

    Thanks again for your time!

    I am particularly interested in Ultimate Noindex Nofollow Tool II because I have a precompiled list of many post / page i.d’s on my site (50-60?) that I want Google to pay as little attention to as possible, except maybe to follow to other parts of the site. The list was compiled to use with the deprecated Similar Posts plugin to exclude those posts. As I was compiling this I was simultaneously using WordPress SEO to redirect those posts, but something happenned that I still havent figured out except the end result was that WordPress SEO was locking up the site so I had to remove and somehow all the user / post meta settings used to do all those redirects got nuked πŸ™ So Ultimate Noindex Nofollow Tool II seems like a good solution in the meantime; I want it to noindex those posts mentioned above and there several other areas that could use noindex and / or nofollow as well.

    Thanks again

    Plugin Author texttheater


    I am presuming that I could look in the head’s meta for the noindex tags?

    Yes, that’s right, that’s where the plugin should put them.

    I am also using Yoast WordPress SEO, Prelovac’s SEO Images and Prelovac’s Smart Links – do you anticipate any conflicts?

    Really no idea, I don’t know these plugins and I’m not the original author of UNNT – I just added a feature and took over maintenance because the original author didn’t want to maintain it further.

    at the moment, the plugin doesnt appear to be working – try – it is marked for noindex,follow but I dont see rel tag reflecting same – I am flummoxed – it really seems like it should work – I have tried it with WordPress Seo turned on / turned off (it will control noindex as well but you have to set it on a post-by-post basis) – looking for an sql that will control its options – I am continuing to investigate – will let you know if I get Ultimate Noindex Nofollow Tool II working – thx

    Plugin Author texttheater


    try – it is marked for noindex

    Ah, it seems that UNNT works only for pages and archives, not for posts. This would be an additional feature. I’m not going to add it myself any time soon, but if you or anybody else wants to do so, I’ll be happy to receive and accept (if it’s good) a patch to the code.

    Have you tried other plugins like ?

    ahhhh so… let me take a look at the code again and see if I think I can finagle it to work with posts?

    Thanks for letting me know! It was driving me so nuts I went as far as installing InstantWordPress and UNNT on a thumb drive to test it and arrived here / saw your last post!

    (I needed to get a local copy of WP in a local installation anyway – I’ve gotten myself into trouble more than once “experimenting” on my production site.

    If I get anywhere modifying UNNT I’ll let you know. BTW I made a feature request on the WordPress SEO Plugin page / support area saying I think UNNT is a great idea and asking Yoast to incorporate it. How far that will get is anybody’s guess…

    I did spend some time searching for UNNT alternatives and I am familiar with Easy NoIndex / NoFollow – its features are already built into WordPress SEO (WPSEO); WPSEO partly evolved out of Yoast’s own RobotsMeta Plugin and that now also un-maintained (altho it still seems to work…) plugin has the individual post / page / archives features that were carried over into WPSEO. In WPSEO there is an “advanced” area of its configuration area that is on each post / page and global settings for archives / tags / categories and other content where various meta data can be set.

    My interest in UNNT grew out of the fact that I have a list of posts / pages that I had compiled when I was using Similar Posts Plugin, wherby one can exclude specific posts using post / page id’s. I was excluding posts there as well as marking them noindex / follow in WPSEO till I had a problem with my site and accidentally deleted all the WPSEO options in the db πŸ™ and I *really* dont want to go back and manually re-set all those posts in WPSEO.

    Well thanks again and I will let you know if I get anywhere further with UNNT.

    Hello, I just installed ultimate nofollow for my wordpress blog. The tick box is in place and I have been manually adding, but when I update I expected to see nofollow within the link address. Could you advice me. Thanks Alistair

    Plugin Author texttheater


    Hi alistair, which box(es) did you tick?

    Hi texttheater
    Thanks for getting back to me. Since installing ultimate nofollow this is what I see when adding a link to my blog.
    Box opens with title (enter the url) There are two tick boxes, first one (open link in new window) was always there. A new tick box (add refnofollow to link) Which of course I tick as suggested and then I click update.

    Plugin Author texttheater


    Sorry, it sounds like you are in the wrong forum. Ultimate Noindex Nofollow Tool II does not add any checkbox to any dialogue for creating links. It was probably added by another plugin you installed.

    Sorry the plugin I have is ultimate nofollow which must not be the same.

    Plugin Author texttheater


    Right, you have this one, I guess:

    That is the one, do you know if the nofollow should show on the link or is it hidden and still working?

    Plugin Author texttheater


    I don’t know, sorry, you should ask the author of that plugin.

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