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  • Hello,

    I’ve just downloaded advanced ajax loader as it will be great solution for my website, so I decided to test it on my experimental “beta” website before buying a license and ran into several issues.

    It works when I do search, click one a logo, but it still opens new pages in old fashion way when I click on a link that should load new post page. You can see demo website here

    The link that should load new post page is highlighted in bright orange or magenta colour, also when users click on that thumbnail image it should use ajax to load new post as well.

    The only fix I can think of is to give these links some class to let ajax loader know how to handle them, but I wasn’t able to find anything related to this.

    Other issues, Masonry doesn’t get applied when new pages are loaded. I tried pasting masonry code in settings > reload section, but had no luck.

    And final issue is that, on a normally loaded page you can click that play button on each post and it works, however if page was loaded via ajax for some reason it stops working completely and in this case I have no idea why.

    Please let me know if you need more information or my assistance in order to look into this issue. I really like the plugin and would like to get it working so I can add it to my live website.

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    I was able to fix permalink issue, as I was using short links it didn’t work, changing those to proper links worked, so now only issue is with Masonry not being applied and them play buttons not working.

    Hi Idaderko!

    I saw in another forum post that you were able to fix the masonry issue , I got to admit, it’s quite some time agoo, but could you please tell me how you managed doing this? I’m out of inspiration.

    Thanks in advance!

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