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  • Hello 🙂

    I guess I am one of the last ones to try to export my pixelpost to wordpress haha !

    It doesnt seem to work : after I click on import categories, nothing happens at all. Would you mind telling me if there is something to do ?

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  • Plugin Author Pierre Bodilis



    Sorry to hear it doesn’t work for you 🙁

    Make sure all the pixelpost related fields are properly set, I’m not sure the script complains if there’s an error.
    How many categories do you have? if you have lots of them, it could take a while :/

    Hello Pierre,

    I have 11 categories only.

    I retried today, with a fresh mind, and changed localhost for the name of my server/host and it is working! In some other plugin we don’t change that “localhost” which is why I didn’t think it was a mistake not to. Thanks for reminding me of checking the field properties!

    Plugin Author Pierre Bodilis


    Good! Let me know how the whole process goes! And share the link when all done 🙂

    The pixel posts appear in my wordpress, yeahhh !

    But… er… the photos are not shown, a small square appears instead, that leads to a photo that seems corrupted (even after uploading a few photos by ftp to my PC, I can’t view them.)

    Any idea on the subject ?

    Plugin Author Pierre Bodilis


    Is wordpress set up on the same machine as pixelpost? Do you have writing rights on wordpress/wp-content ?

    WordPress is on the same space as pixelpost, yes, just different folders.

    The folder wp-content has 705 rights.

    I found a workaround solution by deleting and manually reuploading the photos by ftp, and it works fine now.

    Only thing is, when we click the photos, they open in a white page stuck to the left side of the page. Is it normal ? Not a very nice display 🙁 .

    Plugin Author Pierre Bodilis


    weird. Maybe you could have tried changing the rights on this folder. Can you give me a like so I can see what you’re talking about?

    Yes, of course 🙂 :


    I put a DOT instead of a . because I don’t want search browsers lead to a dead end reference 😉

    When u will click the photos, thee is no java slick display as I have for normal posts photos.

    Plugin Author Pierre Bodilis


    OK, yes, this is normal: the script embeds the photo in the post for display, and makes the photo clickable to the photo itself: when you click on it, the browser simply shows the image as-is (which rendering depends on the browser: Firefox shows the images alone on a dark gray background).
    What you probably need to do is to install wordpress plugins for photo libraries.


    Thanks a lot for your kind help Pierre.

    Well, my photos are displayed in a nice java box usually, but its ok, as you suggest, I’ll try find a plugin to help with my new set of photos !

    Take care !

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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