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  • I’ve been using this plug in for a while with a Contributor person and it works great. I wanted to setup a new user as an Author (so they have a bit more rights within WordPress).

    I see in the options it has a setting for: “Which roles on your site can only “submit for review”.

    I checked the box for Authors (in addition to Contributors). I then had the Author submit a post and he had the Publish button and it went live instantly. Not what I was hoping it would do.

    Is there a way to have this work with Authors or only with Contributors? Or is there some other setting within WordPress I need to change to make it compatible?


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  • Plugin Author Peter


    Sorry — that setting text might be misleading. That setting (and the plugin) needs to be used in combination with how your permission system is set up. You’ll need a separate plugin such as Role Scoper to actually modify permissions to, for example, limit Author permissions to force them to go through the “Submit for review” workflow.



    Woooo it’s very bad news Peter !

    It’s possible to work with author role without plugin like role scoper or other… Fix, code ?

    I’ve more plugins to manage my multi-authors blog and there is more and more problems when we use plugin to manage user role… It makes several conflicts, well I prefer not used it.

    Thanks Peter,
    !have a good day

    Plugin Author Peter


    Unfortunately that is core to how the plugin works: you first need the user to submit to the “pending” status, which is where the e-mails are hooked in. Unless you modify the permissions on the user roles, only the Contributor is affected by default.

    If this is something possible for future versions, I’d love this feature as well!!

    Yeah Peter, I totally agree with them.

    The important thing to add is e-mail notification to “Post Notes” plugin, so that all staff members can quickly be notified about what’s good and what’s wrong. Could you add this? Thanks!

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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