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    Could be a great plugin, however it doesn’t work for website with more than 5000 files.
    And it’s all or nothing plugin, so it doesn’t optimize 30%, then could stop and need to be relaunch like Smush it. So for me it’s at this time, useless 🙁

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    It can handle as many files as you want. Also, why did you mention 30%?

    SmushIt doesn’t need to analyze your whole system before working with each file, however… Media Cleaner absolutely needs to do that, the complexity is much higher. So pausing and restarting would take a long time, it wouldn’t be a simple click, it would need to refresh all the activity usage. It’s a complex plugin, difficult to compare it to an standard 1 by 1 kind of plugin 🙂


    I compare with what i know 😉

    I mention 30% as an example, just to not let it work during days for nothing.
    And i don’t understand why it need to analyse the whole system first, could you explain please ?

    Nevertheless, do you have a solution for me ?

    Hi think might be having a similar problem. We have around 7500 images on the site. We set the plugin going and initially it ticks through the images fairly quickly then it just stops and doesn’t move for hours. It’s gets stuck on around 600 to 700 images. Each time I’ve stopped it and restarted. Even left it over night and it got no further that. Any ideas?

    I’m not sure he will see your answer and the fact that the issue is still here, for you and for me because he puts automatically the topic as “resolved”.

    So if you fin an alternative for bigger website, share it please 😉

    Plugin Author Jordy Meow


    I am actually reading the messages, of course 🙂 But you should be all aware that you probably do not have “exactly” the same issue. With such an intensive process (like the one ran by Media Cleaner), it is not surprising having timeouts. And your issue concerns that, it is a timeout.

    I wrote about it here:

    And this:

    This second like is particularly useful, and contains the latest recommendations I have.

    Never forget to check your PHP Error Logs, as something else might be going on.


    I’m confused this post is supposed to be about Media File Renamer Auto but the links you’ve posted are for Media Cleaner? The advanced options its suggests aren’t available in the plugin as far as I can see…

    +1 savvi

    The issue is about media file renamer.
    I think it could be a great feature if you find a way to managed big websites.

    Plugin Author Jordy Meow


    Hi guys, indeed, the articles are for Media Cleaner but the timeout issues can be fixed exactly the same way.

    In your case (@savvi, @neuronpartners), do you need the plugin to updates the references? Or not? Because if you don’t need those referenced to be updated, then you can skip that part of the process (in the settings) and the plugin will definitely be able to rename the files without the timeout. Updating all the references is what takes time.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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