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  • First off all I installed this in order to utilize this with product import suite and it does not allow you to import barcodes into Woo so don’t waste your time if you were looking for that. Second, you can’t deactivate the plug in and reactivate (you know like you do with nearly every other plug in) without it losing the license. But the absolutely worst part was the support. Direct quotes “no one else is having a problem” “I need your log ins to fix” and my favorite “I removed your license”. Yup this guy removed my non working license and deleted every barcode I have in my Woostore because he is apparently incompetent to fix a simple issue. Oh and he refunded me, whoopie, I never asked for a refund, I asked a simple request, fix the licensing issue. Anyway, good thing I have a backup for my barcodes. I am using a different plug in that works beautifully now. Do not waste youe time or energy with a careless and reckless rep. There are other plug ins that do the same job. Keep scrolling when you come to this one.

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    Customer paid for our PRO plugin on 23rd of March (Just over 30 days ago).

    Customer had plugin activated and had no issues for a number of weeks until recently when they changed domain name, Customer was unable to give full details on what the issue was, we requested some temp logins so we could offer some support for the customer, customer was abusive to staff and refused to give any access to website. As this was the case we offered a full refund as requested by the customer.

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    No, no, no. This plug in was on the same IP only the DNS changed and he was given plenty of information. Bottom line you know how anytime you need to deactivate a plugin and reactivate one to trouble shoot? You know every other plug in continues to work? His doesn’t and asks you for a new license. If he can see that I bought and paid for a license why not just cancel the old license and reissue a new one and solve the problem? As far as asking for log in information, of course we didn’t do that. Do you just hand over the keys to your house? This guy can’t even figure out how to reissue and cancel a previous license and then thinks I should give him access to my store? No. This was a super easy solution he wasn’t able to do. Buyer beware.

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    Don’t use the moderator tag. It doesn’t do anything. It’s the modlook tag.

    Moderator – This is for our PRO plugin, not the one on

    @agdesignstudio I personally invite 100% of these users to leave reviews for your plugin here.

    *Drinks coffee*

    Here’s why: you are using your plugin page here to upsell and make money. That’s fine, that is allowed. But when you do that then you invite all of your customers to leave a review about your plugin here.

    This user used your customer product. In your reply you have not repudiated a thing that the user stated. A reconciliatory approach may have been a better way to go.

    I do like this part.

    As this was the case we offered a full refund as requested by the customer.

    That’s cool. But this part is really not good IMHO.

    customer was abusive to staff and refused to give any access to website.

    I do not approve of anyone being abusive to anyone. @theconnectedrider I’m not getting into that part except to say that being a customer doesn’t give anyone the right to be even rude to other people. That’s not what “the customer is always right” is about and sometimes the customer is wrong.

    But see the part I made bold? I completely agree with that. @agdesignstudio There are many ways to support users and logging into a site really is a step of last resort. Unless you carry some real liability insurance you really should avoid that step.

    *Drinks last of coffee*

    I’m leaving this review in place.

    To be clear, there was no abuse by me. he thinks abuse is pointing out flaws in his plug in architecture. I asked for him to fix the license issue and his response was “no one else is having a problem”. Also I didn’t request a refund. He did that spitefully and on his own for the sole reason of taking away my UPC’s. I had to reupload my UPC’s for 19000 productsas a result. Reviews are designed to allow other users to evaluate other’s experiences and have third party informtion before making a decision to purchase. I certainly wish I had. Since this comes up first in the search engine it is only natural to return here and leave a review. Other reviews were already posted here. I appreciate the mod reviewing and providing input and hope this clarifies this situation a bit.

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