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  • The plug in does not work. There’s lots of problems in it. That’s a fact.

    However, the good news is that I’ve fixed it! A few tweaks to the code and it works as it should.

    Just replace the contents of your sync-facebook-events.php with the following code and all is hunky dory (you can find the file in wp-content/plugins/sync-facebook-events/):

    [Excessive code moderated. Please use a pastebin.]

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  • Sorry, I put too much code in there! Use this pastebin:

    Plugin Author Mark Nelson


    Thank you – Please let me know if I can add you as a contributor. Have not had time to look at this for months but there still seems to be demand for it.

    First off, I REALLY appreciate both of your work on this. However, it is still not working for me. I have tried it with the pastebin file as well as the 1.07 update that is now available.

    I have unistalled and reinstalled multiple time as well as checking and resetting the facebook app, app secret and udid. To clarify, there is nothing else we need to add to the facebook app we set up right? We are basically just opening up an API or similar and just need the let the php sitting on our WP site reference the 3 id numbers it generates?

    I assume if everything is set up as you have outlined in the install it should show up here:

    The “test event” that IS showing up was created inside wp-admin from the standard tribe calender, the facebook event that should be showing up, but is NOT, is on called “We Start Riots Official Web Site Launch Friday, April 19, 2013”

    When I hit update from the setting in wp-admin, I get a success message, but nothing is still showing.

    Anyways, any help you can give is VERY appreciated!

    You need to go to enable “Website with Facebook Login”. Go to your “Manage Apps” and click your app on the left hand side. Then click “Edit App” and click on “Website with Facebook Login”. There should now be a green tick next to it. Type in your website address (eg for all pages on and then click “Save Changes”.

    Try again with the update button in wp-admin. Are any other messages appearing before the success message?

    Hi shaines, not sure if you are still looking at this but if so. i am still having the same problem (run update and nothing happens)

    My appid, secret and UID are all copy pasted direct and checked. FB app is set up (incl. website access as above). On running the plugin with your code it appears to run then posts confirmation message, but FB events have not been added. No error messages are thrown up and the page load looks like it is trying to do something just the same as with stock 1.0.8..

    Just to add. Now got it working. I think the solution has something to do with the different UIDs (i.e. using one that was not first on the graph page as suggested in the documentation). There were three id numbers for my page and sticking them all in seems to have convinced it to work.. (using stock 1.0.8)

    Nice plugin!

    Wondering if anyone can help me here? I did everything as stated above: copy/ paste code, found my app ID/ secret/ and Page UID (only saw one, not three like halydris mentioned) and set the web access. Still not getting synchronized events. Also, correct me if I am wrong but when I tell it to ‘update’ it will synchronize both facebook and WP right? not just pull new events from facebook?

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