• Tried with “Protect with index.php files

    Tried with “Protect with .htaccess file

    Neither one works. PDF happily appears in another browser where I’m not logged in, it’s got a little menu, it loads completely, and the crooks are off and away with my property. WordPress 6.2.

    Thanks. Have a nice day.

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  • Plugin Author Protect Uploads


    Hi @kmp2 , I’m sorry it’s not working for you.
    This plugin is not supposed to protect on a logged-in/logged-off base.
    It is supposed to hide the content of your uploads folder by hiding the automatic listing of the files if a user goes to your /uploads/ folder.
    It’s not hiding the files if the user knows the exact url of a file.

    If it still not works, there could be several reasons based on your server capabilities:
    – It could be that your server doesn’t let the creation of the .htaccess file in the uploads root folder.
    – The same goes for the index.html file.

    Do you happen to see error messages?
    What version of the plugin are you using?

    If you give more details, I might be able to help you!

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