• I am redesigning my site and want to create a second website so I can work on the site without changing the live version. I watched the video andI followed the video’s instructions The files show up in the right folder on the phpMyAdmin, but don’t create a website. When I look at the site address all that is there is a basic WordPress site as if I just uploaded WordPress to my domain.

    I tried this over and over again, then created a third site and even did trouble shooting with my web host, but it still doesn’t work.


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  • Ok. I found out how to get migration done. I thought phpMyAdmin in the video was another plugin or software feature I needed to get, but Bluehost already uses it. So now I think I did the migration step-by-step as the video shows, but it didn’t work. I am not sure why.

    If I get it to work I will change the rating.

    I now did this three times step-by-step according to the video. The files show up in the right folder on the phpMyAdmin, but don’t create a website. All that is there is the basic WordPress as if I just upload WordPress to my domain.

    I’ll leave my one star.

    Just ignore the 2nd and 3rd comments. I combined all the comments into the first one by editing the first one, but then I was unable to delete the second two. Thanks.

    Bad review you should have change the rating though,

    Oh my god… What a problem guy you are… It says “MIGRATE DB” – DATABASE…. Not the website.. You just disrespecting the people who spent hours and hours for those plugins. Yet you are most probably using it free and giving 1 star…

    Andrew Nevins


    WCLDN 2018 Contributor | Volunteer support

    @curiousboy, @goodmuyis, This is a valid review. Reviews are here to allow users of a plugin or theme to express their experience. This is their opinion. The star rating is also only used to convey someone’s experience with the plugin. A bad rating and review does not mean a bad plugin, it means someone had a bad experience.

    Oh my god… What a problem guy you are.

    @curiousboy, Please play nice. That was personal.

    Thank you, Andrew.

    BTW, CuriousBoy the video shows it creating a duplicate website.


    I know this comment is really old. But Pasquale, I wanted to explain something (which you probably have had time to figure out by now). When you install a fresh copy of WordPress, it’s like moving into a new home. It looks plain because you haven’t furnished the place yet. WordPress is made better by installing things like a theme and perhaps some plugins.

    These themes and plugins are delivered as programs that are added onto the basic WordPress installation. If you don’t download any third-party themes or plugins, the only thing “missing” to turn a brand new website into a copy of an existing one are the pages and posts. Those are kept in the database – and this plugin makes it easy to migrate that database from an original location to a new location, where you then use a tool like phpAdmin to load the database.

    However, that’s all it does. It just prepares databases for migration.

    The majority of WordPress sites are not so simple. They contain customized themes, plugins, and possibly media files. Those components of WordPress are not stored in the database, so this plugin does not migrate that information. That’s why, even after migrating the database, you may end up with a site that doesn’t work – because all the other parts have to be moved over using some other method.

    I hope that explains it better.

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