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  • This plugin works well if you just need simple events posting with lots of details, but it does not have an option for recurring events. While the non-pro version appears to add features over other plugins with regards to event details, the lack of recurring scheduling is a hit against it.

    Perhaps the pro version takes this plugin to next level, but non-pro hits about average.

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  • Plugin Author IgniteWoo Team


    Hi amdootlittle, you could actually ask for support instead of posting a bad review… after all, it may actually help make the plugin better.

    Just a suggestion.

    Plugin Author IgniteWoo Team


    Another user reported this same problem. We fixed it immediately.

    Perhaps the prerequisite installation should be put in the installation notes if it was already made known that this was an issue?

    I’ll re-rate after getting the plugin to work; however, the lack of complete installation instructions is a bit disheartening. Nowhere in the installation notes or FAQ is “woocommerce” mentioned. Only after a user reported a problem was it brought to light.

    Nevermind, you pushed the update earlier today.

    Testing again…

    Plugin Author IgniteWoo Team


    For clarity’s sake, amdoolittle originally posted a 1 star review because the plugin had a bug. The proper course of action would have been to ask for support, which he did not do. He modified his review after installing the latest version, which fixed the bug. We cannot delete our previous comments so this is being clarified for those who read this review.

    WooCommerce is not required in any way whatsoever. The person who wrote that on the support forum was mistaken.

    As for recurrence, you get that with WooEvents Pro. The cost of WooEvents Pro is less than hiring a developer to build recurrence for you, and less than your time spent doing it yourself 😉

    It was required (or at least failed to work) prior to the 2.2.1 update without WooCommerce; however, I appreciate that you corrected that issue rather quickly.


    Plugin Author IgniteWoo Team


    No WooCommerce was NOT required. We wrote the code. Who would know better than us?

    Did you miss the “or at least failed to work” comment? Installing 2.2 alone gave the permissions error. Upon installing WooCommerce, it “automagically” worked! Amazing! While it may not have been a strict requirement, it most certainly was a bug prior to the push of 2.2.1.

    If you’d like, I can give you access to a barebones WP install with just the 2.2 version of the plugin installed, unless you can figure that out for yourself too. But who am I to say, you would know better, wouldn’t you?

    Heck, it’s even in the changelog.

    “Fixed menu access error that sometimes results in “You do not have permission to access this page””

    This whole conversation does not bode well for your support team.

    Plugin Author IgniteWoo Team


    It’s this simple: WooCommerce is not required. Never was. Never will be. If you had WooEvents Pro in place and read the code you’d see why the permission problem was present and why it was fixed. We’re done here.

    If you need support let us know. If you’re a developer and want clarification in detailed tech terms let us know. We’ll explain it to you in “programmer speak” down to the very last detail. No problem. We’ve done that for countless developers over the years. It’s our pleasure to be of assistance when people ask for help.

    For the record, this conversation started by you complaining about a bug and giving a 1 star review ( which you later modified ) without ever even making the faintest attempt to ask for support… not on the WP support forums, and not via contact us directly.

    I don’t need “programmer speak”, I can see it for myself in your Trac changelog.

    I did give you a single star, and for good reason. You released a product that did not work. Until the 2.2.1 update/fix was pushed, it didn’t deserve more than that.

    Could I have asked for support? Yes, if for some reason it were your plugin that I needed specifically. Was I attached to your plugin? Not at all, that’s why I reviewed it based on the experience and moved on.

    You’re still ignoring the fact that without the woocommerce capabilities specified for a user in the database, which your plugin did not add, but woocommerce did, then the menu items would deny access. That seems like a requirement to me, even if not an intentional one.

    A better way to have responded to the initial one star review would have been:

    “Hi, we’re sorry to hear you had issues with our plugin. We appreciate your feedback, and want you to know that the issues which led to your low rating have been corrected in the latest release.

    We’d love it if you’d download the latest version and give it another try!”

    But hey, what do I know? After all, “who would know better than” you, right?

    Thanks again for the code correction.

    Plugin Author IgniteWoo Team


    As of this very moment, 207 downloads of our new plugin; one support request and bug report – ( and one rapid bug fix by us as a result ) — and one complaint from you ( who didn’t bother to even ask for support but instead proceeded to complain in spite )

    We like our track record to date just fine, thank you 🙂

    We’re looking forward to taking a look at your free plugins. Oh wait, you don’t have any. We’ll stand by for your coding contribution to the WP community.

    Yes, snark is great from a support team.

    My response wasn’t in spite, it was to help others avoid the same problem I encountered: trying a plugin that didn’t work.

    Best of luck to you and your efficient method of responding to negative feedback.

    Plugin Author IgniteWoo Team


    As we said, we like our track record to date. And we await your contribution to the WP community if you ever decide to give anything other than criticism.

    If you genuinely wanted to help people, try sending bug reports to code authors — you being yourself, you should know the value.

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