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  • michaldybczak


    After installing it all looks well. I got the video page, some sample movies, when I saw the page some trailer was played by default. The view of other vids is awesome. So far so good.

    But then I notice:
    1. Clicking on other sample video loads error page (404 page not found).
    2. When I want to add category I get “category not added successfully” all the time, but I can delete sample categories…
    3. I wanted to upload new video but… couldn’t find a way to do it. Only way of uploading was on video ads, so I thought “hey, maybe this is it? let’s try it”.
    4. I uploaded a file and it showed message “file uploaded successfully”. I checked in “publish” and hit “save”. Page reloaded and… Nothing… No video anywhere. WTF?

    Basically the plugin looks merely like a demo so nothing is working.

    If that is the case, there is no warning or clarification on plugin page about that. Usually there is a set of free and premium futures – that way it’s clear what to expect. Here I am confused.

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  • For (1), go to WP admin -> Settings -> Permalinks -> Select default and check. If the pages are working fine, now select “post name” and save the settings and check.
    For other issues, try the steps mentioned in the following link If you are still facing any difficulties in this contact our supporting team at

    Thanks, that helped with the sample videos leading to 404 pages. Now clicking on them opens page with correct video.

    I’ll try to do what they say on the forum you linked to but I’m not certain if I understand it… Do they want me to edit database directly or is it some kind of php code (if so in which file and where is it located)?

    It looks like they totally screwed it, because solution is not easy applicable and regular user shouldn’t be forced to spend so much time on making the plugin work. I hope they will fix it in next update.

    By the way, is there any way to play videos from thumbnail in lightbox instead opening the new site?

    Thanks man, you are a great help 😀

    For Database changes, you need to open your database -> Select your Table -> Go to SQL tab and paste the queries shared in that forum and replace the #_ with your table prefix (For eg: if you have table prefix as wp_ then replace the #__hdflvvideoshare to wp_hdflvvideoshare in the query) and click Go button. Now the missed field will be added to your table. You can test the video upload method now. If you are still facing any difficulties in this, contact our supporting team at

    By default playing video in lightbox is not available in default package and you can customize it. If you are interested in customization contact our Business Development Team at

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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