• I’m going to have to eat a little crow on this one. I’ve left my original review below and will be adding this updated review:

    Initially I had issues getting this plugin to work. I kept getting skipped imports due to duplicate content, failed imports due to date/time issues, and just plain old frustration. Part of this was due to no real information in regards to importing events on the dev’s site.

    As you can see in the comments below, they responded pretty quickly. I contacted their support and within 24 hours had a response with some details to help aid me. I followed their info but still encountered issues with the date/time. I would fix the date/time on the CSV but still kept getting errors on the import.

    So I dug deeper into the Numbers app (Mac) and found that by default it set the date/time format in specific manner, so even when I changed it, it still defaulted. So I dug deeper and was able to set the format to what I wanted, and bingo, all was well.

    So I have to offer an apology on my part for jumping the gun. I should have contacted them first instead of leaving a review first.

    The conclusion is that this plugin does work and does import duplicate events with different dates/times. Also if you get stuck, reach out to the devs first.

    Requires you to download a second plugin, WP All Import, in order to work. Even after downloading that plugin, it forces you through several unnecessary steps that still won’t work.

    Instead of creating the events, it tried to combine the 38 events into one and then failed.

    This should be a straightforward and easy import/new event creation action but it’s not. Neither plugin can handle events with the same title or event start/end date/time.

    Needs some serious improvement.

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  • Plugin Author John James Jacoby


    Hi there @jealbr75, sorry to hear you are having trouble.

    The description for this plugin indicates that it requires both Sugar Calendar and WP All Import. It is, essentially, an extension of both of them, or a bridge between them. I’m happy to update the plugin description to make this more clear.

    The plugin includes an example CSV file. In it are properly formatted columns and rows, that show how you can format your own values for importing.

    WP All Import includes a sophisticated UI to choose how to uniquely identify Events. It will auto-detect {title[1]} but you are encouraged to select a more suitable combination or identifier that suits your specific needs.

    I’ve tested with duplicate Titles and similar Start and End Dates and Times. In my testing, this is all working as expected and without any unintended results or bugs. New Events are inserted when unique IDs are not matched, and existing Events are updated when unique IDs are matched.

    WP All Import has a bit of a learning curve. My best advice is to take a bit more time to learn what it is asking you for, and take care to follow its advice and instructions.

    I know that you’ve given this plugin a 1 star rating (and you are entitled to your opinion) but I hope that you’ll try it again and reconsider your rating once you’ve gotten it working to your liking.

    Thread Starter Jeff-B



    There’s no documentation on the website or on WP All Import site for the events importing.

    I’ve tried repeatedly and get skipped imports due to it being a duplicate title. I’ve gone over the documentation, and nothing in there is useful in regards to importing events. I will gladly send you the CSV file so you can try for yourself.

    I’ve been trying for hours now once again, and got 1 imported event that didn’t even import the information correctly.

    I’ve used multiple other event calendars, and never had this much of an issue importing events. So yes, I gave this plugin a 1 star review for multiple reasons.

    @jealbr75 I’d be more than happy to test importing the CSV that you’re using. If you’d like to send it over to us, send it to support@sugarcalendar.com and we’ll work on replicating and fixing the issues you’re seeing.

    Thread Starter Jeff-B



    I’ve emailed it over.

    I’m not trying to be difficult, I just don’t know of an easier way to create a recurring event that will actually display in lists or by meta…. other than by importing them by CSV.

    I know sugar calendar allows for recurring events, but the way it functions isn’t how I need it to work.

    Plugin Contributor Pippin Williamson


    Thanks! We’ll look it over and see what we can find!

    I’m not trying to be difficult, I just don’t know of an easier way to create a recurring event that will actually display in lists or by meta

    Can you elaborate on this? Are you needing to import a lot of events or just a few? Can you expand on how you need to display them? That’ll help us better understand what you’re trying to achieve.

    Thread Starter Jeff-B


    @mordauk @pippinsplugins

    I’ve revised my original review.

    As to your question, I have a recurring event each week that’s pretty much every year, that I need to create. So roughly 52 a year. That’s just one event.

    I also need this event to show up in list view for upcoming events, however if I use the built in recurring event setting it won’t show up because it sees the event date as the original date I set…. which is in the past. So to get around this, I have to create each event individually. This is why I was trying to create a spreadsheet (CSV) that have a duplicate event but with different dates.

    So if I could create a recurring event that then created duplicate events based on the occurrence frequency, that would be simpler than me importing events or creating each one individually. I also understand that if this were a feature, and I messed up with some crazy end date or never ends…. I would probably stall out or crash my site. So I would expect a limited on the number it would allow to duplicate at one time.

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