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  • I have installed it on my site running Genesis framework and child themes and am still getting brute force attacks from China, Russia and others that I’ve blocked. Don’t know why but it doesn’t work for me.

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  • Plugin Author Pascal


    Hi Patrick,

    Have you read the FAQ? If you run some kind of statistics plugin it may look as if the visitors are not blocked. If you look at the RAW logfiles from the webserver (if you have access to it) it will show a 403 for those IP addresses that are blocked.

    It’s inconsistent but I have gotten some feedback from people in other countries that I do choose to block that they are indeed blocked. It is what it is I guess.

    Plugin Author Pascal


    Hi Patrick,

    If you have any IP addreses from countries you block but still appear to get through I’d be more than happy to check.

    From France:
    From Spain:

    Plugin Author Pascal


    I’ve tested with the current database and in this database both IP addreses are from France: FR FR

    In an older database the was from Spain, the first IP addresses did not return a country.

    So updating the database should work. In v1.0.8 and above this is done automatically once a month if you at least login to the backend once a month.

    I’ll look into this. My original post was 2 months ago so there’s every possibility that this issue has been fixed. I’m going off of the alert emails I’ve been getting and my reports from Wordfence.

    As a companion to this plugin I use a plugin called “Apocalypse Meow”. It worked well for me during the last Brute Force attack. It will allow you to limit the amount of Login attempts made from an IP address before that IP address is blocked for a user specified amount of time. It also lists the offending IP address so you can block it permanently through your .htaccess file.

    But doesn’t IQ Block do that already? I know wordfence and BWPS does too


    Yes, IQ Block does that too. The difference is that Apocalypse Meow allows you to automatically detect and block just one IP address at a time based on the Login attempts from that one IP Address.

    During the last Brute Force Attack I didn’t necessarily want to block an entire country for the actions of a few bad eggs. I set up Apocalypse Meow to detect persistent login attempts. After the third failed login attempt I had Apocalypse Meow block that one IP address for the next twelve hours. After which that IP Address could try to Login again. This gave me time to review the Apocalypse Meow login records and to Google an IP Address to see if there was any history of trouble with that address.

    Apocalypse Meow does Not permanently block an IP Address. You need to manually add any IP Addresses you wish to block to your .htaccess file. If you decide to give Apocalypse Meow a try you should, before activating it, be sure to enter Your IP Address in the “do not block” setting.

    I use iQ Country Block to block countries from whom I receive more grief than good. Something Apocalypse Meow can Not do.

    iQ Country Block has saved me a lot of work and to me is an invaluable tool!


    Wordfence and BWPS both do exactly that. I smell a blog post.

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