• Theoretically did everything I needed so downloaded. Is unusuable from within the widget area, forcing you to use WP’s (awful) customizer screen.

    Even then it is just littered with bugs. I used the “Featured” widget type and set up my first two “Features” with a title, text and an image.

    I did the same for a third “Feature” and when I added its image, the plugin instead added it to my 2nd Feature.

    Deactivated, deleted. Please check your code carefully before publishing plugins.

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    Thanks for your feedback. However, it appears you may have been misinformed, or failed to read the plugin documentation, or watch the demo video.

    It’s stated very clearly that the plugin is designed to work within the Customizer. So, if you hate the WordPress Customizer, it should be clear that this plugin is not for you based on its description.

    Regarding the Featured Content Widget, we are unaware of the bug you mentioned, as it’s never been reported before. However, we will attempt to replicate the issue.

    It should be noted that the Featured Content Widget is a “Groupable” widget as described in the documentation. So, when multiple Featured Content Widgets are added side by side, they group together into a single section. This is the intended functionality.

    Regarding the code, it is thoroughly tested and updated regularly. The plugin is used by thousands of people to build WordPress websites, quite successfully. Additionally, it’s free, open source software. So, if you have a problem with the code, you’re welcome to spend your free time contributing to the plugin as we have.

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